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We understand that designing and developing websites is not always done in one room. It is a process stretched over time and geography. With zipBoard, web development collaboration is as easy as having a whiteboard on which you can overlay your project and review various aspects with collaborators, tracking bugs & issues online.

zipBoard focuses on visual collaboration. This means that web development reviews need not function around long written mails and messages explaining issues and keeping track of problems. Isn’t it annoying when you have to first locate what does not work, then open your email, type out an explanation for what the problem is and then follow it up with all team members who are involved, keeping them up to date on developments?

zipBoard solves your web development collaboration issues

Get started in seconds

Seriously. It is that simple. All you need to get started with your website review on zipBoard is the URL.

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And….you’re good to go!

zipBoard setup for website collaboration

Get your team setup

Ready to get your team on board? Simply click on the ‘+’ sign under ‘Collaborators’ on the right hand side and add team members either by name or by email address.

Add collaborators to web development collaboration

Team members added as collaborators will be automatically notified when they have been invited to review a project on zipBoard.

See all collaborators on website review

On the enterprise plan, you also have the option of adding collaborators in different roles to moderate access and permissions for various members. Apart from the creator, who is automatically assigned the role of owner of the project, team members can be assigned the role of manager or reviewer. Managers have the option of adding more collaborators to the project as well as the permission to modify and delete issues logged into the project.

Point and click on issues

Website annotation done with point and click

Now that the team is in place, it’s time to get on with the business end of web development collaboration and start tracking bugs & issues. Capture screens as review boards and start annotating on them instantly. All the boards are organized on the right side panel, which can also be hidden for a more complete view of the page.

See screen capture as review boards

With zipBoard you are not limited to what can be captured from the website. You can upload your own images or mocks to make website review more flexible. Images are uploaded as review boards and can be reviewed and compared with other boards to get the best perspective on what works for your project.

Websites can be annotated on by selecting a tool that fits your review needs. Comment on specific issues, annotate on them with the arrow tool, capture them in a rectangle or encircle them with the pencil tool to get more free hand room. Annotations can be hidden, erased (however this is limited to the reviewer that created the annotation, the manager and the owner) and review boards can be zoomed in & out of.

zipBoard website annotation tools

If you are giving a presentation to clients then you can even use the full screen presentation mode to keep the focus on the issues.

Keep your team updated on issues

With the ease that zipBoard provides, issue and bug tracking on your website never get overwhelming. With the collaboration features at your disposal, team members are always in sync with developments on the website.

zipBoard simplifies issue tracking on websites

Issues can be assigned to team members and this generates an automatic notification to them. You can set the type, priority and status of issues logged in your project.

But working in teams means that often more than one person will be attached to an issue. While only one person may be assigned to handle the issue, it would be terribly cumbersome to write separate messages to every team member that has to keep track of it. We understand that problem and have the solution. You can add watchers to issues which makes collaborators observers of the issue’s progress.

Add collaborators as watchers for website review

Collaborators assigned as watchers on an issue are also notified instantly when changes are made. This means you don’t have to switch screens every time a team member has to be notified of updates. zipBoard handles web collaboration seamlessly.

There are other ways to communicate with collaborators in zipBoard too. Use the project activity section to see developments on your website review as they happen.

See all web development collaboration activities

You can also have real time conversations with collaborators inside the zipBoard app. Use mentions to interact with team members from the project activity screen. Add the ‘@’ sign as prefix to a collaborator’s name to do this. You can add comments to issues too to make feedback more specific for your website collaboration.

Need to send an urgent mail to your team members? Do it right from zipBoard.

Email collaborators directly from zipBoard

To keep things sorted with your team as work on your website review increases, zipBoard has tags that keeps things organized. Tags can be added at project level, task level or review board level and it all ties together in the task manager. All the issues can be tracked from the task manager screen. You can even search through the issues via various filters based on status, priority or assignee. You simply won’t lose track of your projects with zipBoard.

zipBoard is the simplest website annotation and review tool for your collaboration needs. If you want to walk before you run, try zipBoard for free and see how you can built websites better and faster.