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Integrate zipBoard with Jira to reduce the design review cycle time.

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Cut production time upto 30% by managing zipBoard reviews in JIRA

Collect feedback faster. Get content approved with online proofing tools and push all contextual insights into your JIRA tickets.

Automate processes

Integrate zipBoard projects with your JIRA project’s workflow to combine external and internal feedback. Send and manage all types of content for reviews in zipBoard.

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Centralize all reviews in one place

All your issues in Jira, be it software bugs, feature requests or any other type of review is centralized through zipBoard. Let your designers, developers, and project managers align their goals and have effective visual communication, even if they work asynchronously from different parts of the world. 

Centralized Review in online proofing tool zipBoard

Collaborate more efficiently with your clients

Client collaboration in zipBoard helps team members with varying levels of technical nuance collaborate with ease. Build a virtual whiteboard on top of your content with tools such as annotation and screen recording to avoid long email chains and screen-share meetings.

Client collaboration and bug tracking for web apps in zipBoard

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Streamline Your Workflow with Jira and zipBoard

Download the one-pager and cut up to 30% production time by integrating Jira with zipBoard.


Supports Multiple Digital Formats

Add multiple media types in the same project for reviews. zipBoard supports static websites, web-apps, eLearning courses, zipped SCORM, HTML5, PDF documents, images, and videos.

support all digital formats for agile content review process in zipBoard

Built for enterprise security

Your data and documents are secure with our industry standard security practices. With the option to place your data at the server/location of your choice.

zipboard security for enterprise users Jira

zipBoard’s online proofing and annotation tools help you :

Collect feedback visually
Automated workflows
Share Files
Optimize your bug tracking process
Communicate Effectively

Easy Setup

Integrate Jira in 3 easy Steps

The integration only takes a minute to set up.

Step 1 - Get a zipBoard Account

You will need a Team Plan to be able to use JIRA integration.
Sign up for an account today. Or Upgrade to Team Plan here if you already have an account.

jira zipboard integration
Step 2 - Integrate and map zipBoard project issues to the JIRA project

You can integrate zipBoard and JIRA via the Jira cloud and Jira server.

share zipboard
Step 3 - Add files for review in zipBoard and share it with your team and client.

Install zipBoard widget on your site/web app or use our browser extensions to receive bug reports and user feedback.

Integrating zipBoard with Jira is simple. But we’ve still got you covered with this step by step guide on how to integrate zipBoard with Jira.

Only client collaboration tool you will ever need

zipBoard takes care of all your collaboration needs including visual bug tracking, getting feedback and helping you gather client reviews effectively.


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