Deliver eLearning Courses 50% Faster and Easier with zipBoard

No more email chains, spreadsheets, or screenshots. Just fast and effective e-learning reviews.

With a unified client collaboration and design feedback and QA platform, collaborate with all project stakeholders on 5+ digital assets including zip files (SCORM files), videos, images, live URLs, PDF documents, audio, and more. Integrate with your LMS and authoring tools for a streamlined process. zipBoard lets you collect feedback, track issues, and manage projects in one place.

The Only E-Learning review tool you will ever need

zipBoard is flexible as per your team’s requirements and helps everyone – your internal team, clients, stakeholders, and external reviewers to stay on the same page.

Integrated review tools force teams to buy licenses for the entire suite, which is costly. But not with zipBoard.

Every project stakeholder does not need to install an authoring tool, LMS, and review tool – just to collaborate on projects. Think product managers, instructional designers, clients, and SMEs, among others.

Just share an invite link and they can have access to the project based on the permissions you give them.

Compatible with all kinds of eLearning courses and authoring tools

Different projects have different requirements, hence you need various authoring tools. zipBoard understands this and so supports all major e-Learning tools. You’re just an API integration away from a streamlined review and management process for all your assets.

zipBoard seamlessly integrates with Articulate, Adobe Captivate, Lectora, Adapt, Elucidat, Spring, or a custom HTML solution. Also works with SCORM content or a website-based system.

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Real-Time Collaboration

With zipBoard, you can collaborate with your eLearning team, SMEs, and clients in real-time and streamline your workflow. No more waiting for feedback or wasting time on revisions.

zipBoard lets you create projects and organize files in phases, so you can easily track your progress and coordinate with your team. 

Centralize Digital Assets Review and Management

A single source of truth for all your digital assets. Manage all your digital assets in one place. Whether it’s videos, audio, graphics, or PDFs, zip files or live URLs, you can easily review, approve, and update your eLearning content. No more wasting time and energy on finding and organizing your files. zipBoard gives you the visibility, accessibility, and control you need to create engaging and effective eLearning experiences.

Add your deploy previews and collaborate in zipBoard
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Customizable Workflows for Increased Productivity

Create custom workflows that match your existing processes and goals – using phases. Only assign stakeholders to specific with varying roles and permissions. This way, everyone knows what they need to do and when – without getting overwhelmed or confused. zipBoard helps you streamline your eLearning content development and QA with ease and efficiency.

Improve Feedback with Collaborative Review for All File Types

Review any eLearning asset with ease and efficiency. No matter what format your content is in, zipBoard lets you annotate, comment, and share feedback right on the screen. You can highlight issues, draw shapes, capture screenshots, record videos, and more. zipBoard makes your feedback clear, relevant, and actionable.

Try zipBoard today and see how it can transform your eLearning review process.

Efficient Task and Issue Tracking

Don’t let feedback get lost in the shuffle. Use zipBoard to track tasks and issues effortlessly and make sure they are resolved by the right people. zipBoard integrates task and issue tracking into the review process, so you can prioritize, assign, and monitor tasks from one place.

Save Time with Convertible Comments

zipBoard automatically converts your comments and annotations on your digital assets into tasks and organizes them in your task manager. This saves you time and hassle and helps you deliver high-quality eLearning projects faster.

Version Control and Management of Digital Assets

Easily review and manage your digital assets in one place. zipBoard lets you track changes to your content across different phases, so you always have the latest version. No more confusion, no more errors, no more wasted time.

zipBoard is the ultimate digital asset review and management solution for eLearning QA teams.

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Security, Data Privacy, and Compliance

With zipBoard, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. zipBoard uses  Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), the leading cloud service provider, to host the platform and data with high-level encryption and protection. zipBoard also lets you control who can access your documents and assets with flexible sharing options and permissions. Plus, you have the option to store your digital assets in your repository, adding an extra layer of privacy and security.

Standard and Custom Integrations via API for a Streamlined Workflow

Want to speed up your eLearning review process? zipBoard can help you do that with integrations. You can connect zipBoard with your favorite tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Jira to keep your team on the same page. Or you can use the flexible API to create custom integrations that suit your specific needs. With zipBoard, you can streamline your workflow and deliver high-quality courses faster than ever.

Autogenerated and Consolidated Reports

Get instant access to comprehensive reports that show you the big picture of your eLearning projects. Whether you want to monitor the progress of tasks, comments, screens, or collaborators across all projects in your agency, or focus on a specific project and download its report, zipBoard has you covered. zipBoard helps you make smart decisions based on real data and streamline your QA process.

Save 5000 hours annually on reviews and deliver high-quality eLearning courses 50% faster with zipBoard

Ensure 2 hours time savings per employee per day with unified client feedback and QA process in zipBoard

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