Best E-Learning Review Tool

With features like visual bug tracking and feedback, effective task manager, and centralized review system, zipBoard is the best e-learning review tool that you, your team and your clients will ever need.

Only E-Learning review tool you will ever need

zipBoard is flexible as per your team’s requirements and helps everyone, your team, clients, stakeholders, and external reviewers to stay on the same page.

Everyone does not need to install an authoring tool or LMS, especially Product Managers or Instructional Designers. Integrated review tools force teams to buy licenses for the entire suite, which is impractical and costly.

elearning snapshot and comments

Predictive and imperative approach towards E-Learning.

  • Complete E-Learning review tool, no matter what the team size
  • Teams can subscribe for plans based on projects
  • Non-technical stakeholders can use zipBoard easily
  • Add unlimited collaborators to review and share feedback
  • Free trial for 14-days
  • Unsubscribe anytime you want
zipboard supports all content types for learning content review process
types of files that can be added in zipboard

Compatible with all kinds of eLearning courses and authoring tools

Different projects have different requirements, hence use various authoring tools are used. zipBoard is a review tool which is compatible with every e-Learning tool.

  • Supports all major authoring tools
  • Articulate, Captivate, Lectora, Adapt, Elucidat, Spring, or a custom HTML solution – work with SCORM content or a website based system
  • Review with responsive courses with ease
  • Test and review courses for multiple devices at once
  • Install zipBoard web extension and you are ready to go
  • Review non-linear courses as well, not just slide-based review

Turn on audio👆

Better bug tracking for your e-Learning courses

Conventional bug tracking tools are overkill when it comes to e-Learning courses; complicated setup, cumbersome and require significant installation on the user’s end. Moreover, they are difficult to use and do not provide feedback contextually.

zipBoard is lightweight and is basically plug-in and play. It fits into your workflow seamlessly and is easy to use. A bug tracking tool that provides you with a centralized system where you can keep and manage your data and filter through it based on multiple parameters. A visual feedback tool made just for all of your e-Learning course review needs.

Centralized tasks and reviews in zipBoard
  • Easy and extensive collaboration features for communicating with your team
  • No installation required to use zipBoard
  • Track everything in your e-Learning course review from one tool
  • Message collaborators from within the application
  • Team members are automatically notified when a task is assigned to them
  • Seamless integration with JIRA, Slack, and Microsoft Suite for better project management capabilities

Centralize the feedback process between the internal team and external stakeholders.


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