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If you’re ONLY looking for a cloud-based video review and collaboration platform, we’d say go ahead and check out However, if what you’re looking for is a platform that streamlines visual review and collaboration for SEVERAL digital assets including live URLs (websites and apps), PDF documents, images, zip files (SCORM files), audio (MP3), videos, and many more – ALL in ONE PLACE, zipBoard is the way to go! zipBoard is your best alternative.

Meet the Best Alternative - zipBoard

Both zipBoard and offer comprehensive features to streamline your creative proofing and collaboration process. They allow you to give contextual feedback using annotation tools and comments – on the digital assets they support. These ensure clarity, consolidate feedback in one place, and help you avoid long email chains. Both platforms help you collaborate seamlessly with all your stakeholders in a central hub.

But…they are not the same, and that’s what you’re about to discover.

See below how zipBoard differs from

Review Multiple File Types in a Central Hub

zipBoard primarily allows you to review multiple file types including URLs, PDF documents, videos, images, zip files, and audio files – in one central hub. On the other hand, primarily enables you to review videos and PDFs.

With zipBoard, you don’t have to use other tools for other file reviews – as in the case of, which is mainly built for video reviews.

Hence, if you work with several digital assets and need a central review hub to streamline your review and approval process, zipBoard is your go-to collaborative platform.

With zipBoard, you can add an unlimited number of collaborators without incurring additional costs. This feature is particularly beneficial for projects involving extensive teams or where there is a need for frequent and varied client involvement.

best alternative - zipBoard

By eliminating the financial constraints associated with adding more collaborators, reviewers, and clients, zipBoard not only makes project collaboration more accessible but also encourages more inclusive participation.

Economical and Collaborative. No Need to Purchase Licenses for All Users

While both platforms are collaborative, zipBoard is more economical and collaborative.  zipBoard does not bill per seat, hence, you do not have to worry about purchasing licenses for all in-house collaborators, as well as clients, SMEs, and other external stakeholders.

Additionally, when it comes to clients and other reviewers, you can choose to give them complete access to the project or limited access to only allow for review and approval.

This helps bring all stakeholders in one place and fosters a more collaborative environment.

Increase Productivity and Enhance Version Control with Customizable Workflows

The phases feature in zipBoard allows you to customize your workflows and approval stages in every project. Due to this, you’re able to grant collaborators, reviewers, guests, and other stakeholders access to only specific phases in the project so they don’t get confused about what they’re expected to review and approve. This increases productivity, clarity, and ensures better collaboration.

digital asset review and management

Furthermore, this same feature helps intuitively enhance version control as you can dedicate each phase in the project to a specific version of the file under review. You can move files from one phase to another once they’ve been approved and have progressed to the next phase.

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Standard Integrations with Popular Tools and Custom Integrations via APIs

zipBoard streamlines project management for all digital asset reviews and enhances team communication by integrating with essential tools such as JIRASlackWrike, and Microsoft Teams, among others. The platform also offers robust testing capabilities through LambdaTest integration, ensuring your projects are not only well-managed but also thoroughly tested.

On the other hand, mainly provides integrations to streamline video production workflows.

Note: Both platforms offer API integrations and integrations via Zapier.

[Case Study]
How ELM Learning's Production Team Streamlines eLearning Development and QA Process

Read the case study to see how implementing zipBoard into their development process took the production team from using antiquated manual processes to an easy-to-use, globally accessible, online process.

Read the Case Study

Automatically Convert Annotations and Comments into Tasks and/or Issues

Unlike where you have to manually download comments or print them, zipBoard automatically converts every comment and annotation made on digital assets into actionable tasks and organizes them in the platform’s in-built task manager.

This streamlines the workflow from collaboration to task management and reduces friction. It also helps you save time on organizing feedback and keeping track of tasks.

This leads to the next point…

Efficient Issue Tracking and Task Management

zipBoard’s task manager features several options to prioritize and triage issues, assign them to the relevant stakeholders, assign due dates, add priority status, and set the approval/progress status of the issue or task (not just the project) in question.

This is one feature that lacks. Users are unable to set the approval status of specific issues and tasks that have been assigned to them.

Play Video about comment and collaborate on deploy previews for Jira projects in zipBoard

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More so, zipBoard’s task manager features Kanban and Spreadsheet views that allow you to organize and view your tasks in different formats. There are also filters and sort options to make finding specific tasks super easy!

stakeholder collaboration

Lastly, you can import your existing tasks from your team’s current task manager to zipBoard and have all your tasks in one place. You can also download your task list in CSV format if you wish.

Optional Sign-Up for Clients and Unlicensed Users

With just a review link, clients and other unlicensed users can easily access a project and share feedback without having to sign up for the platform. You have the option to enable or disable sign-in for reviewers before accessing project files. This helps enhance agency-client collaboration and removes a significant access barrier.

Side note: When sharing files with stakeholders for review and collaboration, you can attach passwords and due dates to the review links for extra security! You can change permission settings for viewing or adding boards as seen below.

So with a customized review link, stakeholders not required to sign up can easily access the necessary documents for review based on the permissions you grant them. This aspect enhances client collaboration and removes a significant barrier to entry.

best alternative - zipBoard

Save Time and Stay Updated on Projects via Autogenerated Reports only provides various download options for downloading your comments and annotations for your files under review. It does not give you a report.

However, zipBoard automatically generates detailed and consolidated reports to enable you to stay updated on all projects, files, collaborators, statuses of tasks, comments, and screens – at an organizational level – in one place. 

Additionally, zipBoard also auto-generates reports for specific projects that can be downloaded by the project manager or owner of the project.

web design tools 2024

Reporting at both the organizational and project levels allows you to customize the date range and view the reports by date or cumulatively in zipBoard. This helps you save a great deal of time on tracking project progress and identifying trends. You’re also able to save time on generating manual reports.

Why choose zipBoard over

Compare by Features



Supports multiple media types


Easy to annotate and leave comments on all file types including websites, web apps, SCORM files, MP3 files, and images - not just videos and PDF documents


Issue tracking and reporting


No installation required, save space on your device


API integrations to customize workflows


Integrations for popular apps via Zapier


Integration with editing software


Collaboration tools


Advanced integrated video review and collaboration tools


Efficient task management


Camera to cloud


Advanced capability of keeping digital assets in your own store


Automatically converting annotations and comments into tasks and/or issues


Easy navigation


Intuitive version control


Fast upload for files with large sizes


File sharing


Annotation and review tools


Markup, review, and approval tools for unlicensed users and collaborators


Organize storyboards and mood boards


Centralized hub due to multiple integrations


Autogenerated reports


Fast syncing across board, ensuring real-time collaboration


Supports linked files


Clients and Guests can review and approve assets without signing into the platform


Limit access of digital asset to clients and other collaborators based on specific permissions - without having to create new projects


Unlimited sharing


Real-time collaboration


Custom presentation of reviews


Slide show mode

Numerous customization options


Timeline tools are built for content of varying length


@mentions in comments


Archive, retain and recover files


Advanced security settings


Compare by Price

Pricing Details


Affordable pricing - only scales with your growth


Cost per seat/user


Unlimited collaborators, guests, and clients. Charges per team, agency, or enterprise.

Only additional account admins and managers not listed in pricing cost extra.

Limited collaborators. Charges per seat/user



Monthly or Yearly


Free for collaborators and reviewers


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Implementing zipBoard into our development process has taken the team from using antiquated manual processes to an easy to use, globally accessible, online process. zipBoard’s environment allows multiple projects to be set up and managed uniquely; where other tools force a specific method for everything, zipBoard gives you and your team some elbow room. The client and the internal team can both access the data while still preserving the integrity and security of internal information

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