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The Ultimate PDF Annotator & Review Tool

Collect contextual feedback on PDF documents. Mark up & comment on PDF files using zipBoard’s intuitive PDF annotator and review tools.

Collect, track and manage reviews on PDF documents in one easy-to-use PDF annotator

Our PDF markup tool makes it easy to share PDF files with relevant stakeholders. Collect valuable feedback, manage reviews within your team and track the progress as you go.

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What our clients are saying:

Implementing zipBoard into our development process has taken the team from using antiquated manual processes to an easy to use, globally accessible, online process.

Beth Epperson, QA Manager

ELM Learning

Key Features:

Panels for easy navigation

Quickly click through different pages of your document without having to scroll endlessly. Save you time and helps you identify pages to review faster and easier. There are also outlines within the thumbnails of the pages, reducing search time.

pdf markup tool
pdf annotator

Tailor your document-viewing experience

Customize the document viewing experience with page transitions, orientation, layout, and more.

Variety of review tools for precise and contextual document markup

Collect clear and accurate reviews with context using 20+ predefined or flexible annotation tools – like shapes, callouts, highlighter, free hand, strikeouts, etc. – to mark up directly in your PDF document in zipBoard, your document management system, or cloud store

pdf markup tool
Annotate Tab
New zipBord PDF Player - PDF Markup Tool
Shapes Tab

Multiple tabs to keep PDF review and approval tools organized

  • View tab to view documents without any noise (read annotation tools, outlines, comments, etc) in the background.
  • Annotate tab for markup tools like highlight, free text, rectangle, free hand, underline, strikeout, and squiggly!
  • Shapes Tab with 10+ shapes for for precise and accurate markups. These include ellipse, arc, polygon, cloud, line, polyline, and arrow.

Stay Organized with Dynamic and Run-Time Stamping

Improve your document approval process with numerous stamping features like rubber stamp, cross, tick, dot, and calendar stamp.

pdf markup tool
zipBoard third party solution integration for pdf annotator

Connect your system with zipBoard's PDF annotator via APIs

Seamlessly integrate your current document management system (DMS), ERP or SAP system with zipBoard. Review documents in zipBoard or your cloud store without uploading secure documents onto an external server. Ensure your files stay where they are. Save time on manual uploads and transfers.

Flexible sharing options

Share PDFs as a link with clients & collaborators. Customize viewing & editing permissions for each stakeholder.

Ensure real-time communication and collaboration in construction administration with zipBoard

Improve Collaboration with the Comments Panel

Approve comments directly from the review board and manage your comments by editing or deleting them. Use filter, sort or search to find specific comments. Reduce the friction of moving to the task manager to approve comments or manage them during reviews.

pdf markup tool

Work Seamlessly Across Devices

Access documents and annotate PDFs with ease – on you desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Keep projects moving forward, no matter your location.

pdf annotator - zipBoard
zipboard new pdf player - pdf markup tool

Effortlessly Insert Images & Files within Documents

Add more context to markups to improve collaboration. Seamlessly insert images and files directly into PDFs. Improve clarity, eliminate confusion, and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding project details.

Easily Reference Document Pages and External Resources with Hyperlinks

Link to relevant internal pages and add URLs to external resources that might be relevant to the annotation you made – right within the document under review. Give more context to reviews, improve clarity, and saves time on sharing resources through emails and other communication channels.

Why Productive Teams Choose zipBoard for Their Document Reviews

secure storage in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Secure storage of your data

With zipBoard’s PDF annotator, you don’t need an on-premise software, ensuring your guest collaborator can start giving their comments hassle-free. With privacy our #1 priority, we secure your data at a server/location of your choice. Giving you complete control of it.

centralized reviews in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Centralize all annotations

View all the reviews in your project in one place. Visualize them better using zipBoard’s task list and Kanban board.

task dashboard in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Manage reviews/comments

Every comment you add in the PDF can be added as a task in zipBoard. Each task can be assigned various properties (due date, assignee, watchers, level of priority…) to keep you and your team on track.

print with markups in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Print the pdf with annotations

Now you can use zipBoard’s built-in print feature to display all your annotations, stamps and signatures on your physical documents. Simply toggle it off if you don’t want it. Most annotators would struggle with printing as the pages increase. With zipBoard, print a 100 page document in a whiz.

Customize viewing experience

The settings tab allows you to customize your viewing experience with options such as full screen, dark mode for reduced eye strain, and translate – enabling you to translate the content on the review dashboard, not the document you’re reviewing.

Customize annotations

Get access to a range of tools to tailor annotations to your preferences – like changing the color, opacity, stroke thickness, text styles, and more.

Keep your PDF review process frustration-free.

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