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Video Review and Collaboration Made Simple

Get clear timestamped feedback from stakeholders and streamline your video review process – from anywhere in the world, right from your browser.

Get to “final” faster with our powerful cloud-based video review and collaboration platform.

Turn on audio. 👆 

What our clients are saying:

Before zipBoard, reviewing video content and collating feedback was quite hectic. Now that we’ve been using it for a while, the process has become efficient in multiple ways, making collaboration better and faster.

Maria Shynkar, QA engineer

Get feedback faster in your dashboard

Cut revision time with a variety of online annotation tools that appear where you need them – time-stamped, in your dashboard. Ensure you’ve interpreted “cut here” as “until or starting here” correctly and remove misinterpretation with timestamped frame or clip.

Flexible Sharing with zipBoard pdf annotator and document approval software

Share videos effortlessly

Effortlessly share videos with best-in-industry sharing features. With remote cloud sharing in zipBoard, uploading and downloading shared media happens instantly.

Know who is responsible for what

You can assign each task/content to a collaborator and add due dates, phases, watchers, and other details to make your video review and collaboration as transparent as possible.

Adding Tasks and Issues in zipBoard for asynchronous content review and learning content review process

Go from “camera to cloud” in seconds.

Support for other content types

With zipBoard, you can review videos, images, PDFs, URLs and SCORM courses.

Task dashboard

View all the reviews in your project in one place. Visualize them better using zipBoard’s task list and Kanban board.

Unlimited reviewers

Add unlimited collaborators and clients with access control.


Keep a record of comments, decisions, and approvals to keep stakeholders accountable.

Seamless client/customer collaboration

No extension required – simple even for non-technical stakeholders.

Price that scales with your growth

Our price is based on content piece numbers.

Consolidate all feedback in a centralized place

Reviews are consolidated eliminating meetings as the only medium to get the context.

8. Convert feedback to tasks
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Remove duplication of reviews and contradictory feedback

Collaborators and clients can review videos and provide feedback in real-time – view and reply to others’ reviews in the comments to get aligned before the next edit – removes unnecessary feedback loops.

Know exactly which phase the video is in

Get a clear sign of whether the video still requires approval or is in review. Remove multiple layers of feedback that makes it hard to get express approval from everyone with zipBoard’s content manager and phases.

Productive teams

– they love zipBoard.

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Keep your video review and collaboration process stress-free.

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