Remote Collaboration for Enterprises

zipBoard’s visual annotation and bug tracking tool help enterprises collaborate better by bringing internal teams and external clients closer.

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One for all. All for one.

Some of the things that you can do with zipBoard...

Unlimited Collaborators

Invited unlimited collaborators to work with you on a project. Assign tasks, get reviews, track bugs. All in one place.

Automated Reports

Get reports on information about Projects, Files, Tasks, Collaborators, comments, and screens.


Integrate with other applications, like Slack, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, Wrike, or integrate using our API.

Personalized Onboarding

One of us will personally help you and your team with zipBoard. Don't worry, we got your back!

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Priority Support

Need any help? Just holler. We are here for you, through thick and thin!

Open Roadmap

We want to help you do your best work. Your feedback matters the most. Tell us how we can make zipBoard better.

Faster. Better. Safer.

Visual Review and Bug Tracking

Communicate effectively with your team by showing them what you want to say. Track bugs and issues visually by using Kanban Board.

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Collaborate on all file types

With zipBoard you can collaborate on images, videos, PDFs, URLs and ZIP files. Sign up today. No credit card required.

Keep your projects private

At zipBoard, we prefer to go the extra mile to ensure that every file you upload, every comment you add, every review you make, and every annotation you draw, stay secure.

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Testimonials from our customers

Nathan Williams Marketing DIrector Best Practice Medicine

” Zipboard has been amazing for quickly being able to point out complex or difficult to explain changes that need to be made on our website. Rather than write up a small book I can quickly use the provided tools to visually capture the problem and point, encircle, and write a note connected to the needed changes. It has saved us so much time and increased productivity. Highly recommend. “

Nathan Williams

Marketing Director at Best Practice Medicine


” The overall value comes from efficiently gathering feedback from our quality assurance team and any other stakeholders. This is very important because we want to ensure quality but at the same time, if we had to collect the feedback in another way and coalesce them, this would take time and effort that zipBoard makes easy for us. So it’s very valuable. “

John Just

KnowBe4’s Senior VP of Learning Innovation

Beth Epperson ELM

” Implementing zipBoard into our development process has taken the team from using antiquated manual processes to an easy to use, globally accessible, online process. The application is flexible in how projects are set up and managed. zipBoards environment allows multiple projects to be set up and managed uniquely; where other tools force a specific method for everything. “

Beth Epperson

QA Manager - ELM Learning

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