translation review and collaboration tool

Streamline Your Translation Review & Collaboration Process with zipBoard

Get a one-stop translation review and collaboration tool to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on different translated files for your courses, websites, and web apps.

Easily proofread, track, and manage translation reviews across content.

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Improve quality - reduce errors and rework in translation reviews

Translation teams need to collaborate on multiple language files constantly. And if a majority of your time goes into finding the most up-to-date content, issues, and checklists – you lose time and money. Efficient translation reviews and collaboration help improve quality and save time.

zipBoard helps streamline your Translation Review Operations and gets your team more productive.

Save 50%+ time on reviews with contextual feedback

Use 5+ visual review and annotation tools including rectangle, pencil, text annotation, screenshot, screen recording, highlighter, etc to mark up all file types and leave contextual feedback on any translated course version you’re reviewing. 

translation review and collaboration tool
translation review and collaboration tool

Collaborate on multiple file types in one place

Receive and give feedback on multiple file types including PDF documents, images, videos, URLs (websites and apps), and zip files like SCORM files – all in one centralized location.

Review files without moving content from one place to the other

Integrate zipBoard via APIs with your Learning Management System (LMS), Translation Management System (TMS), authoring tools, etc – to review content lessons in different languages without moving files from one place to another.

Filter through comments and easily find feedback from a specific reviewer

Easily filter through comments during live reviews to quickly and easily identify comments from specific stakeholders or internal and external teams.

translation review and collaboration platform

Stay organized with projects and phases

Create projects for each translated lesson and set up phases to outline your review workflow and keep things organized and streamlined.

Save 5000 hours annually and easily collaborate with clients and SMEs without stress

Share invite links to clients and end-users to quickly collaborate on projects using easy-to-use review and approval tools – synchronously or asynchronously.

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Save time on reporting with auto-generated reports

Say bye to going through reviews and creating manual reports! Get access to consolidated and auto-generated reports right from your dashboard.

Ensure security files and data

With integrations in place, you can keep your files and data secure by syncing your files with your server – say LMS or TMS – without moving them from email to email or one Google Drive to the other.  Also, get access to standard security features to ensure the privacy of your data.

Review content right from your browser

No extensions or app downloads needed. All you need is a browser and a single sign-up to begin reviews. End-users, clients and SMEs do not have to create accounts if you don’t want them to.

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Intuitive task manager to manage and keep translation reviews organized

Track, prioritize, and triage feedback and tasks in one centralized location using either the Kanban or spreadsheet views.

translation review and collaboration tool

Multiple sharing options for easy collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders

Add internal stakeholders as collaborators via email and create invite links to share with external stakeholders like clients and SMEs. Use access control options to enhance security of data and files.

Test all your translation versions in one place

Test and manage all your translated content iterations hosted in your LMS and TMS in one place.

Share Documents Securely for Reviews and Approvals

secure storage in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Secure Storage of Your Data

You don’t need an on-premise software, securing your collaborators from the hassle. With privacy our #1 priority, we secure your data at a server/location of your choice. Giving you complete control of it.

task dashboard in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Manage Reviews/Comments

Every comment you add in the content is automatically added as a task in zipBoard. You can assign each content to various properties (due date, assignee, status, level of priority,…) to keep you and your team on track.

You don't have to take our word for it. See what our customers are saying:

Nathan Williams Marketing DIrector Best Practice Medicine

” Zipboard has been amazing for quickly being able to point out complex or difficult to explain changes that need to be made on our website. Rather than write up a small book I can quickly use the provided tools to visually capture the problem and point, encircle, and write a note connected to the needed changes. It has saved us so much time and increased productivity. Highly recommend. “

Nathan Williams

Marketing Director at Best Practice Medicine


” The overall value comes from efficiently gathering feedback from our quality assurance team and any other stakeholders. This is very important because we want to ensure quality but at the same time, if we had to collect the feedback in another way and coalesce them, this would take time and effort that zipBoard makes easy for us. So it’s very valuable. “

John Just

KnowBe4’s Senior VP of Learning Innovation

Beth Epperson ELM

” Implementing zipBoard into our development process has taken the team from using antiquated manual processes to an easy to use, globally accessible, online process. The application is flexible in how projects are set up and managed. zipBoards environment allows multiple projects to be set up and managed uniquely; where other tools force a specific method for everything. “

Beth Epperson

QA Manager - ELM Learning

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Save 60% Time on Translation Review & Collaboration with zipBoard

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