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A collaboration and bug tracking tool for all your project management needs.

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Visual Feedback and Annotation tool

Gone are the days when you have to hop on a Zoom call and share your screen to describe what you meant.

Visual bug tracking tool zipBoard
Visual Feedback and stakeholder Collaboration for agile content review process for asynchronous teams in zipBoard

Add unlimited collaborators

With zipBoard, you can add as many collaborators, stakeholders and reviewers as you can!

A collaboration tool that does it all

Visual Feedback
Unlimited Collaborators
Share Files
Track Bugs
Communicate Effectively

Track bugs and issues

Apart from following a bug until it is resolved effortlessly, zipBoard also enables you to assign particular bugs and issues as tasks to your team members.

support multiple file formats in zipBoard

Share files and documents

Share PDFs, images, videos, URLs and zip files, all in one place.

Only project management tool you will ever need

zipBoard takes care of all your needs including bug tracking, getting feedback and helps you to collaborate effectively.


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About Us

The concept of zipBoard was born in 2015 when founder, Bhavya Aggarwal realized the need for a better collaboration tool for creators working together all over the world. Like many distributed teams, her team had to cycle through multiple tools like SnagIt, emails, Google Docs, and Zoom to communicate change requests for content and product development. 

Collaborate visually with internal team and external stakeholders


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