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Autodesk Docs vs. zipBoard. Which is the best document management and collaboration software for your AEC team?

Finding the right cloud-based platform for document management and collaboration on construction projects can be a real struggle. So many features to take into consideration, ensuring that the tool you choose integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, is secure, and ensures real-time and smooth collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the end-to-end construction process (design – construction).

Both zipBoard and Autodesk Docs give you the tools you need to easily share, review, and approve project documents, provide feedback, track changes, ensure version control, and report on your project’s progress and status. They offer a range of features to streamline document collaboration and management. However, there are some differences between the two platforms that make one a better fit for your needs than the other.

best Autodesk docs alternative
Organize project workflows with zipBoard

Meet the Best Autodesk Docs Alternative - zipBoard

While both platforms provide a cloud-based solution allowing project stakeholders to review and approve documents for construction projects in one platform, here’s how zipBoard differs from Autodesk Docs and why it is the best Autodesk Docs alternative.

Economical and Collaborative. No Need to Purchase Licenses for All Users

zipBoard is more cost-effective compared to Autodesk Docs. This is because zipBoard only bills (extra) account admins and managers, whereas Autodesk Docs bills per seat for every single stakeholder involved in the project in the platform.

Unlike Autodesk Docs where unlicensed users can ONLY view, download, or upload files, with zipBoard, unlicensed users CAN view, review, approve, and share files. Imagine the amount of money your agency would save on licensing only admin and managers on a project using zipBoard. Plus, you can help your clients save money!

Standard Integrations with Popular Tools and Custom Integrations via APIs

zipBoard provides AEC teams with a more integrated solution. With zipBoard, clients can seamlessly integrate the platform with their DMS and ERPs via APIs. These integrations sync documents across platforms and prevent the movement or upload of files from one place to the other.

zipBoard also features standard integrations with popular communication tools like Slack and MS Teams.

Meanwhile, with Autodesk, you currently can’t integrate Autodesk Docs with other tools apart from existing tools in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) like Revit and AutoCAD.

best Autodesk Docs alternative
Integrate zipBoard into your cloud storage solutions and centralize project documents in one place

Automatically Convert Annotations and Comments into Tasks and/or Issues

In zipBoard, once a stakeholder annotates a document and/or leaves a comment, these markups and comments are automatically converted into tasks and added to the task manager. This helps save time on filtering through markups and comments and converting them into tasks (or manually adding them as tasks) before assigning them to the appropriate project party for resolution.

In Autodesk Docs, however, only “Issues” from the markup list are added in the task manager (Issue table as it is called in Autodesk Docs). All other markups are not automatically added to the task manager. They are only shown as published or unpublished markups in the document description and you can only have access to them from the document. This makes it difficult to track tasks and manage projects effectively.

best Autodesk Docs alternative
Organize project tasks and issues in Kanban or Table views in zipBoard

Optional Sign-Up for Clients and Unlicensed Users

Using zipBoard for document management and collaboration during construction projects means your clients and/or unlicensed collaborators do not need zipBoard accounts to review and approve documents. With just a link, they can access documents and other files based on appropriate permissions and leave their feedback.

best autodesk docs alternative - zipboard
Invite multiple stakeholders for collaboration in zipBoard

Autogenerated Reports

Even though both platforms have reporting systems, Autodesk Docs only provides you with templates to create manual reports from projects. Whereas in zipBoard, your reports are auto-generated for every project you work on in the web app. This helps you save a great deal of time on tracking project progress and generating manual reports.

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Autodesk Docs vs. zipBoard

Compare by Features



Autodesk Docs

Cloud-based solution

Secure file storage

Easy navigation


Integrations with other software via APIs


Automatically converting annotations and comments into tasks and/or issues



Intuitive version control


Collaboration tools

File sharing


Fast upload for files with large sizes



Markup and review tools

Connect with 3D Revit, AutoCAD and Formit


Easy to set up customized workflows


Centralized document hub due to multiple integrations



Customized approval stamp


Autogenerated reports



Fast syncing across board, ensuring real-time collaboration


Supports linked files


Available on Mobile

Coming Soon

Suitable for larger projects alongside smaller


Markup, review, and approval tools for unlicensed users


Clients and Guests can review without signing into the platform


Open files as read/view only


Compare by Price

Pricing Details


Autodesk Docs

Affordable pricing – only scales with your growth

Cost per seat/user 

Unlimited collaborators, guests, and clients. Charges per team, agency, or enterprise.

Only additional account admins and managers not listed in pricing cost extra.

Limited collaborators. Charges per seat/user


/month, /year, or /3 years

/year or /3 years

Unlimited Stakeholders and Collaborators

What Are Our Customers Saying?

By integrating zipBoard into our submittal review process we were able to significantly speed up our pre-construction review phase and hit our construction field goals on time.

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