Visual Bug Tracking & Feedback Tool for eLearning and Web Development

Responsive Testing

See how users experience your website or e-learning course. Check the design for different screen resolutions and devices. Collect feedback on UX design and user interface. No overhead for the end user; design testing in their own browser, on their computer. Once users are added as reviewers, zipBoard becomes a free feedback tool for your project. No feedback training required to use zipBoard.

Design Feedback

Adding annotations to projects is easy. Annotate over entire elements, or select specific parts with the pencil tool and leave comments. Annotations show team members what needs to be changed in one place reducing feedback time greatly. Getting feedback on designs is simple with zipBoard.

Better Collaboration

No need for those long email chains anymore. No need to explain bugs remotely. Visual feedback makes the process simpler and more efficient. Explain with images, not words. Web developers and designers have the perfect platform to collaborate on design reviews. Website & e-learning feedback with context for all stakeholders.

From start to finish

Whether you are collaborating on your mocks or your actual website, zipBoard is for you to track your tasks and stay on top of your projects, have conversations and get the work done.

Create projects to track issues bug testing
collaborative task management organized

Track Progress

Track progress on all of your bugs and issues in one place. No more live meetings and email updates.

Have real conversations

Discuss designs and real websites and turn them into tasks and action items. Web development collaboration – better and faster.

update teams with direct message inside zipBoard
track project activity collaborate team members

Get notified

Get project updates in your inbox or inside the app. Track project activity for all updates from the team.

Better Bug Tracking

With zipBoard, you can assign priority, track status, mark it as a bug or enhancement, add tags, and also add watchers to track specific bugs. See how visual bug tracking can benefit your web projects.

update teams with direct message inside zipBoard

Review projects and share feedback with your team, hassle free

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