Automate your workflows and processes with Zapier and zipBoard

Save 30%+ time for what matters most.

Zapier lets you connect zipBoard with 1000+ of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for tasks and processes you can’t automate.

Whether you want to automatically:

  •  Create new zipBoard tasks from Trello cards, Asana tasks, or GitHub issues
  • Send email notifications when a zipBoard task is created or completed
  • Update project status on zipBoard when a new Jira issue is created or
  • Add comments to a zipBoard task from Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Chat

Zapier makes it easy to connect zipBoard to the apps you use every day.

With Zapier, you can automate your workflow and spend more time on the work that matters.

And with zipBoard, you can collaborate with your team and clients in real-time to get things done. Faster.

Zapier + zipBoard is for you if you:

✅ Don’t have enough time on your hands

✅ Want a simple and easy automation process

✅ Can’t or don’t want to code

✅ Are on a budget and want to use Zapier’s core features for free ♾️

✅ Want a 14-day free trial from both zipBoard and Zapier for premium features.

Not sure which apps you can connect by integrating Zapier with zipBoard? 🔽

…and many more!

Get Started with zipBoard X Zapier

Speed up your digital content review and approval process with the following supported triggers and actions🚀


  • New files – triggers when a new file is created
  • New tasks – triggers when a new task is created
  • New project – triggers when a new project is created
Zapier-zipBoard integration


  • Create files – creates a  new file
  • Create project – creates a new project
  • Create share view URLs
  • Find files – finds files by searching
  • Review URLs – search for a review url by project and file
  • Find tasks – finds tasks by searching.
  • Find project – finds project by searching
  • Create tasks – create a new task
  • Find or create files – finds a file by searching
  • Find or create project – finds a project by searching
  • Find or create tasks – finds a task by searching
  • Find or create share review URLs – search for a review url by project and file.

Ready to get started?

Connect zipBoard with Zapier today and see how you streamline your workflows!

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