Streamline Architectural Design Operations & Document Management

zipBoard is a centralized document hub that integrates seamlessly into your cloud storage, document management systems and existing workflows.

It allows you to collaborate on design projects with internal team members and clients in one place – right from your browser.

Increase efficiency in document processing and reviews by 80% with zipBoard

Architectural firms deal with challenges such as obtaining timely approvals from all parties, dealing with project delays and rising costs, adopting solutions that fail to integrate seamlessly with their current tools, and enduring time-consuming manual processes.

Architects often find themselves burdened by non-design tasks like managing documents and handling too many emails. These challenges not only slow down their productivity but also hinder their creativity.

The way forward?

Use zipBoard’s integrated solutions including projects dashboard, phases, in-built document markup tools, task manager, filters, auto-generated reports, etc – to streamline your design operations and document management.

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Enhance Design Document Reviews

Easily track the status of reviews, manage feedback, and collaborate with team members and parties – with a centralized process in one document review platform.

Have a Centralized Document Hub

Enjoy the convenience of a centralized document hub – your single source of truth, where you can store, process, organize and easily find the latest versions of documents in phases.

architectural design operations and document management software

Markup and Review Documents with Ease

Use 7+ design markup and annotation tools to review digital drawings based on permissions set so that only assigned parties can see them, or open so everyone sees them – all in one centralized document hub.

Add Customized Approval Stamp

zipBoard lets you add a custom approval stamp to sign off on approved designs and documents.

streamline architectural design operations and document management

Centralize Communication

Enhance collaboration and work seamlessly with internal teams in your architectural firm, vendors, and clients using a single dashboard for reviews and feedback. 

zipBoard’s centralized communication features make it easy to collaborate with internal teams, vendors, and clients. 

All communication is recorded and stored in a central location, so everyone can stay on the same page. You no longer have to worry about lengthy email threads, folders, and spreadsheets to keep track of communication.

Improve Quality

Collaborate on documents efficiently and in real-time or async to reduce errors and rework – with the help of features such as version control, contextual feedback, and comment filters that make it easy to identify and resolve errors.

Review Designs Right From Your Browser

Collaborate seamlessly without moving documents.

No extensions or app downloads needed. All you need is a browser and a single sign-up to begin reviews.

Clients, consultants, contractors, and other project parties do not have to create accounts if you don’t want them to.

Integrate with Existing Tools via APIs

Ensure a connected workflow by integrating zipBoard seamlessly with your DMS, ERP, or project management system via APIs.

This saves time, reduces the movement of files and manual data entry.

Enhance Reporting and Tracking

Improve real-time tracking and reporting with auto-generated and consolidated reports for projects.

Share Documents Securely for Reviews and Approvals

secure storage in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Secure Storage of Your Data

You don’t need an on-premise software, securing your collaborators from the hassle. With privacy our #1 priority, we secure your data at a server/location of your choice. Giving you complete control of it.

task dashboard in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Manage Reviews/Comments

Every comment you add in the PDF can be added as a task in zipBoard. Each content can be assigned various properties (due date, assignee, status, level of priority,…) to keep you and your team on track.

print with markups in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Print the PDF With Annotations

Use zipBoard’s built-in print feature to display all your annotations, stamps and signatures on your physical documents. With zipBoard, print a 100-page document in a whiz.

centralized reviews in zipBoard's PDF annotator

Centralize All Annotations

View all the reviews in your project in one place. Visualize them better using zipBoard’s task list and Kanban board.

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Save 2 hours per day per internal team member and increase efficiency in document processing and reviews by 80% with zipBoard

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