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Newsletters covering HTML, CSS, UX, Design, Web Technologies, and DevOps

For every phase of web development, there’s inspiration and resources on the web. We’ve collated some of the top newsletters for designers and developers so that all the information you need is delivered right into your inbox, spam-free.


  • FrontendFocus — once weekly round up of the front-end news and articles about HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, browser tech, and more.
  • CSS Wizardry is a small and infrequent newsletter to share detailed and exclusive content, screencasts, resources, and demos. Unique in that it’s not routine; consultant front-end architect Harry Roberts only sends it when he has something interesting to share.
  • CSS Layout Newsweekly collection of tutorials, information, and news on all things CSS Layout.

Web Technologies

  • JavaScript Weekly — one email each Friday with a roundup of JavaScript news and articles.
  • Node Weekly — weekly update of Node.js articles and news.
  • React Status — from the same team behind JavaScript and Node Weekly (Cooperpress), this puts together React and React Native links and tutorials.
  • WebTools Weekly — a brief tip or tutorial in each issue, followed by a roundup of various apps, scripts, plugins, and other resources for helping front-end developers; curated by Louis Lazarus.
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  • JavaScriptKicks — a weekly curation of JavaScript articles handpicked by experienced developers.
  • Pony Foo Weekly — a newsletter about the open web, highlighting the most important news about the web every Thursday.
  • DashingD3js — D3.js and data visualization news, articles, jobs, and related content, every Tuesday.
  • Ember Weekly — everything that is new from the world of Ember.js, news, tips, and code; curated by Owain Williams.
  • Superhero.js — find resources and articles that help create, test, and maintain a large JavaScript codebase.
  • PHP Weekly — everything to know about PHP delivered to your inbox.
  • A Drip of JavaScript — one quick JavaScript tip delivered to your inbox every Tuesday; curated by Joshua Clanton.
  • Mobile Web Weekly — roundup for web and app developers spanning the mobile-facing web and native apps; curated by Brian Rinaldi(community manager @ Telerik) and Holly Schinsky(developer advocate for PhoneGap @ Adobe).

UX and Design

  • UX Design Weekly — subscribed to by over 19,000 people; the best user experience design links every week, curated by Kenny Chen every Monday.
  • Sidebar — the five best design links every day, built on VulcanJS by Sacha Greif.
  • UserOnboard — get amazing and insightful onboarding teardowns of various apps by Samuel Hulick.
  • Full web Weekly — newsletter to cover the full-stack; 5 best links every week about web development, backend development, DevOps and automation, UX.
  • Smashing Email Newsletter — receive useful tips, tricks, and resources for designers and developers twice a month from the amazing people behind Smashing Magazine.
  • InVision — thoughts on users, experience, inspiration, design, and even a little marketing advice.
  • Web Designer Depot Newsletter — design trends, news, inspirational resources, and great articles for designers sent out weekly.
  • Muzli — weekly summary of popular and inspiring design-related content.
  • Web Design Weekly — inspiration, ideas, and news for digital designers; curated by Jake Bresnehan.
  • Speckyboy is the best and most useful tool and article from the design community, especially for freelancers.
  • Responsive Design Newsletter — weekly round-up of responsive design articles, tools, tips, tutorials, and inspirational links.
  • The Web Designer — weekly newsletter for designers by designers containing useful resources and freebies.
  • UI Movement — five best UI animations in your inbox every week.
  • Hack Design — a design lesson in your inbox every week, hand crafted by a design pro, that you can apply at your own pace and apply to real life work.
  • Interaction Design Foundation — high quality educational material in your inbox every week.

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  • DevOps Weekly — weekly slice of DevOps news curated by Gareth Rushgrove.
  • — everything about the world of DevOps at the pace you choose for, pick from twice a week, weekly, bi-weekly or for events and webinars only.
source: Network World
  • WebOps Weekly — weekly newsletter on web operations, infrastructure, performance, backend and tooling, from the browser down to the metal.
  • DevOps Links — hand-picked articles, blog posts, events, and job offers; also supported by an active Slack channel.

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