Visual Bug Tracking & Feedback Tool for eLearning and Web Development

A design feedback tool to help you gather live feedback from your team or clients.

Work with your team or clients with our visual feedback tool and communicate with them in real-time and respond to feedbacks in a way like never before.

From start to finish

Whether you are collaborating on your mocks or your actual website, zipBoard is for you to track your tasks and stay on top of your projects, have conversations and get the work done.

Create projects to track issues bug testing
collaborative task management organized

Track Progress

Track progress on all of your bugs and issues in one place. No more live meetings and email updates.

Have real conversations

Discuss designs and real websites and turn them into tasks and action items. Web development collaboration – better and faster.

update teams with direct message inside zipBoard
track project activity collaborate team members

Get notified

Get project updates in your inbox or inside the app. Track project activity for all updates from the team.

Better Bug Tracking

With zipBoard, you can assign priority, track status, mark it as a bug or enhancement, add tags, and also add watchers to track specific bugs. See how visual bug tracking can benefit your web projects.

update teams with direct message inside zipBoard


Create annotated tasks while reviewing your website or course and assign to your teammate.


Organize your e-learning courses or website development into individual projects.

Upload SCORM

Add zipped SCORM files from your computer or google drive to start visual collaboration over your screenshots.


Annotate and comment directly on a screenshot to better explain your issue and the task at hand.


Get email notifications and in-app updates for the tasks assigned to you or created by you.


For enterprise accounts, you can specify your particular team members and also assign managers for your projects.


Add every issue that you create in zipBoard directly to JIRA and track progress directly in JIRA.

Download files

Download individual board images from the task to share with non-collaborators.

Download CSV

Download tasks into a CSV file for offline access and also tracking tasks outside zipBoard.

Unlimited collaborators

No limit on the number of collaborators that can be added to each project.

Customer Success

We hand hold you and your team to get on board faster. Just reach out to us.


Post updates to a Slack channel every time there are changes in your zipBoard project.


Add tags to a project, a board or a task to label and identify and search for items easily.

Priority Support

We care about our customers and respond to all your queries on priority.

Unlimited reviews

Add unlimited versions to your projects to track tasks for each iteration separately.

Assign tasks

Assign tasks to the responsible team member and track progress.


Powerful search for projects, tasks and boards lets you find things quickly.


Collaborate with team mates, clients and or partners all at one place.



Discuss the project with all the collaborators at one place.


Get updates on tasks that you are interested in or you would like to stay updated about. Or add other team members as watchers to update them about the task activity.


Toggle between browse (live site) vs review mode. Take screenshots, annotate, comment and assign tasks from reviewboard or view screenshots taken by other teammates to track progress.

Integrate better design collaboration into your workflow

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