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zipBoard is built for teams to collaborate on bug tracking and customer review management. See how zipBoard compares with

Top Alternative to allows to annotate and mark feedback. However to manage feedback and tasks you need to integrate it with a third party project management tool. Unlike zipBoard which provides complete customer feedback management.


Add multiple media types in the same project for reviews. Static websites, web-apps, eLearning courses, zipped SCORM, HTML5, PDF documents, PNG images, MP4 videos.


Quickly record your screen to explain complex steps and markup frames using annotation tools.


View and manage tasks in Kanban view or a spreadsheet view based on your own preferences.

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See what makes zipBoard Software the #1 software development tool used by agile teams.

Feature Comparison


Integrated project management

Centralized platform to collect customer feedback, add visual reviews, manage tasks without integrating with third-party project management tools.


Record a quick video

Don’t just mark annotations on images or webpages, instead record a small clip showing exactly what your feedback is. Adding visual reviews related to animations or videos.


Communicate with the team using inbuilt chat

Easily communicate with your team members without leaving your feedback management tool dashboard.


Manage feedback by priority

Assign priority to every customer feedback, visual reviews and tasks within the software. Work on items that are urgent and important.


Add files wherever you feel necessary

Add files to tasks, within projects, or in feedback even after the tasks are created or are already worked on.


All in one tool for customer feedback management

Getting feedback, Creating tasks, Adding files, managing tasks, and a lot more all in one tool.


Create projects and phases for better task management

Create unlimited project and add multiple files, feedbacks within every project.


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