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Remove the Frustration From Managing Your Construction Submittal Process

Before a pound of concrete is poured, everything touching your construction project must pass through your team’s meticulous review process. This is to allow your team and external stakeholders to apply the proper checks and balances to allow your project to come together on time and within budget.

The submittal process is key to the success of your construction operation and it’s only natural that it will eventually hit some obstacles. We’ve heard the horror stories – Submittal Reviews starting strong, only to be derailed by a key document disappearing into a pile of unread emails or even worse, submittals that end up passing through the review phase only for an issue to be discovered once construction is underway.  

Luckily, a solid construction submittal process and an easy-to-implement markup tool like zipBoard’s markup and review tool is your best line of defense between your organization’s public image and construction disasters. 

With zipBoard you can enjoy: 

  • Construction submittal roadblocks that are remedied quickly.
  • Finding problematic materials in submittals before construction starts.
  • Avoidance of costly rework jobs.
  • Ensure building code compliance.
  • Removal of email back and forth by centralizing communications.

Highlight, comment, or draw to review any digital document coming across your desk.

collaboration in construction submittal review tool zipBoard
annotate on any digital document

Upload, annotate and draw on any type of digital document to clarify construction submittals and ensure building compliance with your team.

Cut down unnecessary emails with zipBoard construction review tool

Cut down on the back and forth email chains by quickly assigning tasks and submittal updates directly to your team on a single platform. 

integrate your sap system with zipBoard construction review tool

Integrate zipBoard with your organization’s construction management or SAP to review your documents directly from your system. Keeping them secure, organized and consolidated.

What our construction clients are saying:

By integrating zipBoard into our submittal review process we were able to significantly speed up our pre-construction review phase and hit our construction field goals on time.

Key Features:

clarified team roles on zipBoard's online proofing tool for asynchronous content review, construction review submittal tool

Unlimited Collaborators

Add as many clients and collaborators as it takes to get the job done. zipBoard’s customizable collaborator settings keep communication relevant for specific users and clarify who’s accountable. 

Project Management

Assign tasks to your team and key collaborators while keeping project conversations in the zipBoard platform. Seamlessly discuss with stakeholders and clients by commenting on tasks while visualizing your project’s progress in the KanBan and table views. 

Shows the Kanban and spreadsheet view in zipBoard construction submittal review tool
RFI in construction submittal review tool zipBoard

Comments Converted to Actionable Tasks

You can quickly voice your concerns with zipBoards on-page annotation tools, drawing capabilities, and task features. Every time you comment or add a markup to your file, it can be converted into an actionable task that will appear in the project’s task manager.

Review Stamp

Each reviewer can give their stamp of approval with zipBoard’s customizable review stamp feature. Simply drag & drop your organization’s or department’s stamp from the review toolbar and add it to your document. 

stamp for Managing Construction Submittals and pdf annotator in zipBoard
signature to Improve Construction Document Management in zipBoard

Drag and Drop E-signatures

Easily sign off on submittals and manage pre construction reviews from any device. When you like what you see, use zipBoard’s e-signature feature to keep your project moving.

Secure and Enterprise Ready

Create access levels to ensure specific stakeholders, contractors, and vendors see only what they need without sharing everything with everyone. zipBoard allows you to give your internal teams access to the entire project, while offering external partners review only features when required.

Flexible Sharing with zipBoard to annotate pdf
annotate pdf, print and generate punchlists for Managing Construction Submittals in zipBoard's pdf annotation and submittal approval software

Generate Punch Lists From Your Team’s Comments

The job-site chaos can sometimes cause us to forget a few things on our to-do lists. In zipBoard, users can export and print the task list with all the comments, markups, signatures, and stamps to allow for easy referencing when working on site.

Why Productive Construction Teams Choose zipBoard

Affordable Pricing Terms

Larger submittal teams save significantly with zipBoard’s fixed fee subscription pricing making it affordable to manage construction submittals with multiple stakeholders.

On-demand API Access

Unlock zipBoards API’s to integrate its key features into your construction management or ERP solution. Or create custom solutions to help with managing your construction submittals.

Keep your construction submittal process frustration-free.

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