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Separate emails and attachments pinging everywhere and get your creative work approved on time.

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Get everyone working on the same page

Improve your project collaboration with online proofing tool

Get more context and fix issues faster with zipBoard’s online proofing tool. Keep your projects organized and in sync with external stakeholders. Helping you integrate client feedback into your internal team workflow.

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Share all your proofs and comments in one place

Clients can provide in-context feedback that can be viewed in one centralized online proofing platform. Share live websites, web apps, eLearning courses, zipped SCORM, HTML5, PDF documents, images, and videos. Easily maintain different versions of it and track reviews of multiple collaborators.

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Get clarity on team roles

Connect teams everywhere with different collaborators having various roles and permissions. Have clarity on who’s responsible for signing off the review and never miss a deadline again. Remove any confusion with six different user roles, having their own specific responsibilities and functions.

Integrate your favorite tool

Integrate zipBoard with communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. And with dev tools like Jira, Lambda Test and Wrike. Or create custom integrations, to help manage your online proofs, as per your need.

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What zipBoard’s online proofing tool gives you:

Easy to use, simple UI
Faster turnaround for creative work
More control in the proofing process
Greater accountability
Eliminate lengthy calls
Better engagement from collaborators
Version control and traceability
Greater accuracy and quality of work
Work on the same page
Cut costs on paper

Made for creative teams


Working remotely, when you can’t just pop into a client’s office to walk through a project, can be challenging. zipBoard allowed us to easily talk through aspects of a site design project, and offer on the fly comments and feedback.

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The software is flexible in terms of how tasks are designed and managed, even if the client does not label comments, tasks, requests, etc. Properly, it is very easy to follow the activity and make sure that nothing is lost or forgotten.

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Only client collaboration tool you will ever need

zipBoard takes care of all your reviews throughout it’s proofing process, empowering you to complete your creative work on time.


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