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Have you ever wondered how to get feedback for your video assets? Have you faced any issues understanding, for which frame the feedback is? Is sharing and understanding feedback for videos, slowing your agile sprints?

ZipBoard’s new feature for reviewing videos is the answer to all your worries. It allows you to upload your video inputs likes images or HTML files. The uploaded file is available to all your zipBoard collaborators, they can review it anytime.

The review button, redirects you to the reviewboard where your video file can be played, just like it is being played in your browser window. While the video is being played if you spot an issue that needs to be worked on, just pause the video at that instant and annotate over the current video frame to share feedback. The moment you annotate and comment, your feedback is recorded on the zipBoard platform. The feedback is available to the team as comment/task which captures the time instant for the video frame along with a screenshot of the annotated frame where the issue has been marked. This makes it easy for the team to quickly understand what exactly the issue is. The captured issue provides you with additional details like the browser, OS, who created the issue, priority etc. which make it handy to act on the feedback without any hassle.

Moreover, if you wish any of your stakeholders to review your videos, it’s quite easy with zipBoard. Simply share a custom link generated using the zipBoard platform, with all those from whom you need inputs. Using the link you stakeholders can easily access the content and can share their comments by highlighting the problem area using the pencil, box or arrow pointer.

In its continuous efforts to improve your feedback management cycle, zipBoard has also come up with kanban view for your tasks table. Kanban view adds visual context to the issues list. You can switch to kanban view and vice versa anytime as per your requirement and ease. Kanban view shows the tasks sorted based on the project phases. This gives you a broad visual picture of the stuff that needs attention in different phases of the project. In the kanban view too the filter and search options can be used smoothly just like in table view.

zipBoard is always working to make its User’s experience a better one. If you have any suggestions that can put us ahead, you can share that with us at here.

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