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zipBoard has helped teams streamline their client feedback and accelerate their development using our powerful review and bug tracking platform. Communications between teams and specially external stakeholders like clients can be cumbersome, time consuming and messy. Traditional bug tracking platforms are designed more for development teams than non -technical stakeholders. There was a need for a bug tracking platform that let the feedback flow in from the clients and non-technical stakeholders and integrated it to the development and design workflow. 

Since the beginning, it has been incredible to watch digital content, e-learning, web development teams use zipBoard to streamline their client feedback , and creating more and more powerful, useful content and apps. We are proud to have supported businesses of all sizes develop better, faster using a streamlined review and QA process. We also realize that teams producing more content often have more team members managing individual projects.

What’s new?

We are excited to announce our new business plan to empower companies to manage more content and development and also manage projects for different clients and teams easily. We want to make it easy and flexible for you to add review content or managers as you use zipBoard without having to wait to hear from our sales team. 

The “Business Plan” which will be better suited to your organizational needs altogether. Priced at $110/month, if billed annually, the Business Plan will allow you to add 50 files/URLs and also managers to your project! Learn more

To be able to support more teams developing at scale, we have also decided to phase out our free plan. We realized that for the cost of managing a feature rich product and to maintain the high quality of our experience, it would be best to phase out our free plan. We still continue to give our users a full-featured free trial to help them explore the value that zipBoard can bring to their process.

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What’s exciting?

Considering the change in our pricing plans, we have decided to give everyone who had signed up on or before 12th March 2021, an extended 90-day free plan, instead of the new 14-day free trial.

It gets better.

If any of our customers decides to upgrade their plan before 31st March 2021, we have decided to give 20% off on all our paid plans, because you deserve it. Moreover, now you can add managers to your organization and projects if you upgrade to Team Plan or Business Plan!

We are here for you as you develop more and build happier useful experiences. If you have feedback to share with us or want to know more about our plans, we would love to help get on a call and map out your requirements.

For our existing free users, please review these FAQs for any questions and how your plans will phase out.

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