zipBoard video recording tool - new feature update

Annotations are good! Screenshots are great! But video recordings? The greatest! You know when you annotate or take a screenshot during reviews, you need to add a comment alongside the annotations and the screenshots.

While these are all well and good, and you still need them in some instances, the new video recording tool will make your review and approval process easier, more convenient, and faster.

Here’s what we mean:

  1. You’ll be able to quickly record your screen and yourself during live annotation to explain feedback
  2. It becomes easier for other stakeholders to understand your feedback
  3. Other stakeholders would be able to get a full insight/picture of the feedback you’re giving in action.


What’s more, the video recording feature lets you record either:

  1. The screen of a particular browser tab
  2. A window – all tabs in  a particular window
  3. An entire screen – when you minimize your browser you can record content on your screen too.
video recording tool - zipBoard

How cool!

Want to see how the all-new video recording feature in zipBoard can make your review and approval process faster, easier and better?

Watch the video below or if you prefer to consume text-based content like me, check out this help document and page!

Skip comments & screenshots. Capture feedback with crystal-clear video recordings.

Start your free trial or book a demo today to see this feature in action

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