2023 in review

Remember that time we brainstormed your team’s projects and workflows and ended up with ideas wilder than a sugar-fueled squirrel?  That was the kind of creative energy that defined 2023 at zipBoard, and guess what? You were a huge part of it!

We continue to deliver significant value across organizations and industries – creative reviews and design, AEC, packaging, web design, learning design – to name a few.

Together with 886 others using zipBoard, you… 

Reviewed over 1,586 digital assets

Created 880 new projects

Created 13,558 tasks

Collaborated with 887 team members & clients

Took more than 16,503 screenshots

…you pushed the boundaries and made zipBoard shine.

Speaking of shining, did you hear about our award nomination? We were nominated in the Digital Products category for the Innovation Spotlight Awards by Building Transformations (more on that shortly). And that wouldn’t have been possible without your support!

🏆 Our Efforts in Supporting the AEC Industry was Recognized

We’re privileged to be supporting the AEC industry in its digital transformation journey. In November 2023, zipBoard was nominated in the Digital Products Category for the Building Transformations Innovation Spotlight Awards.

This nomination is a testament of our dedication to building a centralized document to streamline document management and collaboration for AEC teams.

Transforming Digital Collaboration with AI & ML

Everyone is talking about AI, and so are we! We are investing in this space, working on investigating how to best leverage AI for usability and productivity.

This year, we worked with teams at BCIT and interns from University of Waterloo to integrate AI into zipBoard to predict review comment intentions using Machine Learning (ML) models.

The ML-powered reporting feature is a much-welcomed add-on to  zipBoard’s reporting capabilities that will enable users to gain deeper insights, focus on improvements, and enhance their decision-making processes.

These partnerships have proven the value of industry-academia collaborations, and we invite others to join us in shaping the future of client feedback analysis and product development. Send us an email at [email protected] 

Enhanced Clarity, Improved Efficiency, and Increased Creativity and Expressiveness

We are constantly working on improving the user experience, hence introducing new features and updating existing ones. So making use of the new features we launched and the existing ones we updated at zipBoard enabled you to:

  • Increase creativity and expressiveness
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by 80%
  • Enhance clarity and organization

We know…you probably didn’t notice or didn’t think of them that way, but you did that!

Find below some of the major features and updates and what you could do with them!

1. Free pencil tool upgrade: The free pencil tool in zipBoard underwent a major upgrade! It is now more versatile than ever. With the newly improved pencil tool, you can pencil with highlight mode and choose from various thicknesses to perfectly accentuate key areas.

2. Transparent annotation boxes: Goodbye, opaque boxes! Now your annotations will be transparent. No more obscuring the underlying data. Your annotations will seamlessly blend with the content, ensuring clarity and focus.

2023 in review

3. Text highlighter is now more colorful and versatile: Highlighting key points just got even better. You can now color the text. Enhance your annotations and draw attention to specific text passages by using different colors.

2023 year in review

4. Improved check marks: Adding check marks is now faster and more intuitive. You can now drop check marks with a single mouse click. Simply click where you want the tick mark to appear – it’s that easy!

5. Optional comment box: Personalize your annotation workflow with the choice to include comment box alongside your annotations to maintain cleaner interface

6. Upload and review audio files with ease: Seamlessly integrate audio feedback into your review process.

7. Auto archive unreviewed projects: zipBoard now automatically archives all your projects that have not been updated for the last 6 months. 2 things to note:

  • If a new file is added to a project, or a share link is accessed, the project is automatically activated
  • If storage limit is exceeded, a notification will be sent to admin

8. Crafted custom domain for reviewboard links: Now, SSO orgs can get a custom domain for Reviewboard links and share links.

9. Email ID update: seamless account management: You can now update your  zipBoard Account Email Address and maintain access and control with ease.

10. Print text annotations in PDFs: Now, you can add text annotations in PDF files with ease. This enables you to add clear and actionable feedback directly within the document.

11. Added replies for live reviews: You can now review (add/edit/delete) replies on all file types (PDF, videos, images, SCORM files) in live reviews

2023 in review

Tailored Content for You Throughout 2023

To help you make the best out of zipBoard, we created resources that will help you streamline your digital collaboration and approval workflows. Here’s a breakdown:


We created a host of introductory videos, walkthroughs, and step-by-step guides to get you started and going with zipBoard. What’s more, we recently curated a video library to make it easier for you to get access to zipBoard videos specific to your field! Check out the Library here.


You’ll find all other webinars here.

Download Your Project’s 2023 Year in Review

Check out your project’s “year-in-review” in Reports. Share with your team to show them how much they’ve accomplished building, reviewing, and approving digital assets in 2023! 

You can generate a yearly report by selecting reports in the side menu and using the drop-down menu to select “Last Year”.

Learn how to download your project status report with this help document.

Check out your project’s Year in Review!

What's Next? 🚀

We know you’’ll be working hard on new digital asset throughout the year, and we’re here to help make that process as efficient and enjoyable as possible for you. As your user base will be growing in 2024, so will our features – to make collaboration easier for you and your team! Here’s a sneak peek of what you should expect from zipBoard next year:

  1. Measure features
  2. Cloud callouts
  3. Insert image
  4. On the fly signature creation
  5. Automated improved reporting
  6. Improved workflows

We can’t wait to share the details with you and have you try them once we ship them!.

We’re constantly working with our partners and clients to understand how we can make their experience better. And we would love to hear from you as well. Send us a message via [email protected] 

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or book a free call. We’d be happy to assist!

And…if you have anything on your digital collaboration wishlist that you’d like to see on the zipBoard roadmap in 2024, tell us what’s on your wishlist here. Who knows, we might grant it in any of our releases in 2024!

Happy Holidays 🎉

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