We are proud to announce four exciting new upgrades to our annotation tool that will take your review experience to the next level! Our goal is to empower you with the best tools for often tricky and complex reviewing needs, and these updates will help you get even more out of our platform.

Transparency Toggle Feature

You asked, and we listened! We have added a transparency toggle feature that allows you to make your annotations and comment boxes see-through. Gone are the days when you had to drag comment boxes around just to have a complete view of the content. This is an excellent feature for those who want to keep their annotations organized and easy to see without obstructing the content underneath.

Free Annotation Tool

We have also added a free annotation tool that allows users to annotate without adding a comment to it. While this is available for all annotations, this is particularly useful for those who want to use our pencil tool to physically write on PDFs. Whether you’re taking notes, making sketches, or writing on a PDF, you can now do so without having to add a comment to each annotation.

Pencil Tool Updates

We have made several upgrades to our pencil tool to make your annotation experience even better:

  1. Adjustable Thickness – To make your annotations even more dynamic, we have added the ability to adjust the thickness of both the pencil and highlighter tools. If you prefer a thicker line for highlighting, you can get that with just the click of your mouse. And if you prefer a thinner line for writing, you can adjust the thickness respectively.
  2. Highlighter Tool Extension – Our new highlighter tool is an extension of the pencil tool, and it can be used to highlight anything from construction plans to hand-drawn images. The highlighter tool is perfect for highlighting key points or drawing attention to specific areas in your PDF.

Join the ZipBoard Community and Learn More

Join the growing community of users who trust ZipBoard for secure and efficient collaboration and communication. If you have any questions or feedback about these updates, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you! 

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