zipBoard's Revolutionary ML Model

Discover how the BCIT Collaboration empowers zipBoard’s Revolutionary ML Model.

In today’s digital landscape, customer feedback is crucial for businesses. At zipBoard, we value customer reviews to enhance product experiences. And to improve zipBoard’s reporting capabilities, we collaborated with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

Read the success story of our partnership and how it will transform zipBoard’s ability to predict review comment intentions using machine learning (ML) models.

The Power of Collaborative Innovation

zipBoard’s commitment to fostering innovation led us to partner with BCIT. This collaboration bridged the gap between academia and industry, fostering fresh ideas and cutting-edge solutions. We leveraged the expertise and passion of BCIT students to tackle real-world challenges.

The goal of our project was to improve the analysis of review comments and understand customer intentions. Consequently, the collaboration with BCIT aimed to develop an ML model capable of predicting the intention behind each comment.

 This predictive power would enable us to segment review comments effectively – empowering our users with a comprehensive reporting feature.

It’s worth noting that BCIT students played a pivotal role in developing zipBoard’s revolutionary ML model. Their academic background and enthusiasm for AI and ML injected new energy into the project. Equipped with the latest ML algorithms and techniques, these students offered fresh perspectives and innovative approaches.

The collaboration between zipBoard and BCIT students yielded extraordinary results. The ML model developed by the students accurately predicted the intentions behind review comments. 

The model hasn’t been integrated into zipBoard yet. However,  the tool will enable users to identify trends, prioritize improvements, and gain valuable insights from customer feedback.

[Work in progress] Watch video to see the feature in action👆

By harnessing the knowledge, expertise, and passion of BCIT students, we revolutionized the analysis and understanding of review comments in the zipBoard app.

The ML-powered reporting feature is a much-welcomed add-on to our reporting capabilities that will empower zipBoard users to gain deeper insights, focus on improvements, and enhance their decision-making processes.

Together, we proved the incredible value of industry-academia collaborations, and we invite others to join us in shaping the future of customer feedback analysis and product development.

Come Join Us

The success of the collaboration between zipBoard and BCIT demonstrates the immense potential of industry-academia partnerships.

We believe in the power of collaboration and continue to seek talented individuals who are passionate about AI, ML, and revolutionizing the way businesses leverage customer feedback.

If you are a BCIT student or a talented individual seeking to make a significant impact, we invite you to join our journey and be a part of our innovative team at zipBoard.

Send us an email at [email protected].

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