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Whether you’re new to zipBoard or a seasoned user looking for a refresher, our curated collection of videos will enable you to streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and maximize the review, collaboration and project management tools that zipBoard provides.

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Introduction to zipBoard

Get started with zipBoard. Discover the fundamentals of getting started with zipBoard, integrations, key features, and more. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned user just looking for a refresher, this is where you begin.

zipBoard for Learning Design Teams

Explore how zipBoard streamlines the collaboration process for design feedback and QA process for L&D teams. Uncover the tools and techniques that will help you streamline your projects, create engaging content, and drive seamless teamwork.

zipBoard for Web Design Teams/Agencies

Streamline your web design feedback and QA processes for website projects with zipBoard's powerful visual review and collaboration tools. Dive into the video series to find efficient ways to create provide and collect feedback on websites, collaborate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders, and exceed client expectations.

zipBoard for Architectural Firms

Learn how zipBoard empowers architecture firms to streamline their design operations and project management with document review, collaboration, and project management tools in one document review hub - zipBoard.

zipBoard for AEC Teams

Discover how zipBoard caters to the unique document review and management needs of AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) teams. Explore the features and workflows designed to optimize your document review and approval workflows for your construction projects.

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