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Submittal Schedule Template

With several parties and organizations involved in the shop drawing review process, it is key to have a submittal schedule template to stay on top of your work and also hold other stakeholders accountable to complete their reviews according to the overall project schedule.

submittal schedule for shop drawing review process

By getting this Template, for shop drawings and other construction submittals, you will be able to:

Track all shop drawings and other submittals in one place

Stay up to date on the status of the shop drawings and submittals for the project

Know the responsible parties for each shop drawing review 

Prioritize shop drawings and submittals that need to be reviewed first

Save time on creating a Submittal Schedule from scratch

More about the Submittal Schedule Template

Who is the Template for?

  • Contractors 
  • Subcontractors
  • Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Owners

This Submittal Schedule Template is first for Contractors – for creating a submittal schedule to share with project stakeholders upon receipt of product specifications from the architect.

The Submittal Schedule is also beneficial to the subcontractors, architects, project managers, and owners to stay on top of their tasks and due dates to avoid project delays and costs.

After Getting the Template What Next?

Getting the Submittal Schedule Template is the first step to getting closer to staying on top of submittals during your construction submittal review process.

However, to track feedback and tasks in real-time and collaborate with other responsible parties on the project, it’s essential to have a cloud-based document management and collaboration tool to improve overall operational efficiency and avoid project delays and costs.

A browser-based document management, review and collaboration tool that enables AEC teams to:

Import tasks to zipBoard from your Submittal Schedule in CSV/Excel format. Learn How.

Collaborate with all responsible parties on a shop drawing or any submittal review process in one platform – right from your browser

Integrate zipBoard into your SAP, DMS or ERP for a smooth document review and collaboration

Easily review submittals faster using document markup tools to give contextual feedback

Track and manage review of submittals in real-time using either a Kanban or Spreadsheet view

Turn on audio👆

Get Your Free Submittal Schedule Template Now!

Track shop drawings and other construction submittals and stay on top of your reviews to avoid project delays and costs. 


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