Visual Bug Tracker for Websites, E-Learning Courses and Web Projects

Web projects do not turn out to be perfect from the get go. They require many iterations to get to the final well-crafted version. But from the beginning to the end, many changes are required and many bugs need to be fixed. You need better bug tracking.

Why old age conventional bug tracking isn’t good enough?

  • Tedious setup
  • Insufficient description of bugs
  • Long message chains which complicate reproducing bugs
  • Long list of issues; time consuming to sift through each
  • Lack of contextual feedback for replicating bugs
  • No organization in grouping and classifying bugs
  • Lack of communication and feedback between team members
  • Complicated review process for clients
  • No collaboration among the team

Avoid all this complexity and hassle.

zipBoard lets you track and capture bugs & issues with annotated screenshots. Bug tracking on zipBoardis as simple as point and capture.

How you can do better bug tracking with zipBoard?

  • Explain issues on a virtual whiteboard, like you are in the same room
  • No time wasted on reproducing the issue
  • Annotate over live projects or mocks
  • Automatically tracks browser and environment information
  • Contextual feedback for developers
  • Organize and group issues using tags
  • No need for long emails or spreadsheets to explain bugs
  • Switch between task based review and live visual review
  • Simple project management for teams of all size
  • Easier feedback and review for for non-technical stakeholders

Easy to Get Started

Instant setup right out-of-the box. Just enter your website URL to get started with logging bugs and issues. Review your own designs too, simply upload your mocks directly as images and annotate on them. zipBoard even works for E-Learning projects and courses. Got a SCORM file? Upload it to zipBoard, review and share feedback with stakeholders. Browse through your bugs like you browse through your website. It’s so simple even non-technical team members can do it. See for yourself, sign up for a free trial!

website and elearning feedback tool
zipBoard whiteboard for web development collaboration

Website Bug Tracker

Capture screenshots of issues right in your browser, without any complicated code needed. zipBoard is the simplest website bug tracker out there. Provide context in your bug reports with screenshots of the issue. zipBoard automatically captures browser information and screen resolution for better context. zipBoard works for your web development needs every step of the way – from the start, right till your project goes live. And you have one project free forever.

Simple Organization

Set priority for your bugs. Organize them using tags. Get feedback from collaborators right inside the application. Don’t explain the problem in emails. Team members can see the issue live in the screenshot. Developers don’t need to waste time in following steps to replicate bugs. Keep everything focused on resolving bugs rather than replicating them. Work through different iterations of the project. Use version control to keep track of feedback for each iteration of the project. Tasks and projects are organized effectively to make project management simpler.

website and elearning feedback tool
zipBoard whiteboard for web development collaboration

Quick and Easy Collaboration

zipBoard allows team members to notify each other from within the app. Track all issues from one central task manager. Filter through tasks based on version, status, priority, screen resolution, bug reporter, and who the task is assigned to. See updates and changes to bug status right from the application. Collaborators can see all project activity clearly. They get automatic notifications when another team member mentions them in a comment or assigns a task to them. zipBoard integrates with your team’s workflow, whether that’s JIRA or Slack.

Get started with the simplest bug tracker for websites, e-Learning courses and web projects

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