Are you a newbie involved in the product development process? Are you a developer with a great startup idea but feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you don’t know about? Or maybe you just want to revamp your product and breathe a new personality into it.

I feel ya, product people. We’re in the same boat, hey. That’s why I decided to look for some handy resources for people like us.

Check them out!


This is an ongoing project by Jakub Linowski and Vlad Malik, which enlists various UI and UX ideas to help you improve your products. They firmly believe in the effectiveness of the data-backed design and test new ideas every month. Brilliantly articulated, elegantly illustrated, and conclusively tested ideas are what make GoodUI heaven for UI and UX designers, especially the ones who’re relatively new to the field. If you subscribe to their monthly newsletter, you will regularly receive new ideas and the research behind them.

Bonus: They also have blueprints of their untested ideas for the more adventurous ones among us. You can take these ideas and A/B test them on your own products, helping them in their research.


From the makers of MaterialUp, this is another great resource for designers and front-end developers. It’s a place for people to share, find and showcase design inspiration daily. SiteUp showcases some 24 new posts daily, submitted by the community members. They include UI concepts, front-end resources, awesome experiments, illustrations, icons, live sites, and even prototypes (CodePen, InVision, FramerJS, or Videos). People can get exposure and feedback for their work, interact with other site creators, see what technologies they’ve used, and get inspired to create amazing things.

Oh, and did I mention they also have lots of freebies (icon packs, UI kits, templates) and other resources? Sweet!


We’re all aware of how important good user onboarding is. A poor onboarding experience can ruin a great product for the user, simply because it may lead the user to get bored, or worse, annoyed with the product.

UserOnboard is the brainchild of Samuel Hulick, and it’s an amazing resource for product people, especially Product Managers and Product Designers. Hulick provides in-depth teardowns of the user onboarding experiences of popular products regularly. The teardowns are presented with slides, and his quirky commentary makes the boring experience of going through some 90ish slides not-so-boring, and rather fun actually!

And if you’re really into user onboarding, check out Hulick’s superb book, The Elements of User Onboarding. This guy basically lives, breathes, and eats user onboarding.

Product Psychology

Learning tips and tricks for attracting customers is great, but the tips and tricks aren’t enough. They tell you what the users like to see and what they don’t like to see, but they don’t tell you why that’s the case. Most of us who make products are curious to know why users do what they do. It helps us understand them better and build better solutions.

Product Psychology is a superb resource created by Nir Eyal for people like us who seek a deeper understanding of the user’s psychology. It has curated lessons from experts in the field, like Stephen Anderson, Michal Levin, and Ryan Hoover. Each lesson has key takeaways that you can quickly go over. You can check out all the lessons here.

Product Psychology also has a newsletter that sends you top-quality free lessons on user behavior.


Mixergy is a wonderland. There, I said it.

Andrew Warner started it “to help ambitious people who love business” “learn from a mix of experienced mentors”. It has over 1000 interviews with successful entrepreneurs and over 150 courses to help you and your business thrive.

The interviews are really consistent, insightful, and contain actionable advice. Warner embraces the idea that “that no single person knows it all”, and that is why he interviews so many entrepreneurs because he wants us to learn from a mix of people who’ve proven themselves in their respective fields.

Once you start going through the interviews, you won’t feel like stopping.

I discovered all of these resources on Product Hunt. If you’re not already on Product Hunt, you’re missing out, people! And if you are there, you know what I’m talking about. 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to inform you all that zipBoard is launching on Product Hunt in a couple of weeks, and we’re really excited about it. Stay tuned, spread the word, and follow us on Twitter @zipboardco to know when we launch. Cheers!

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