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KnowBe4 is the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. Founded by IT and data security specialist Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 helps organizations address the human element of security by raising awareness about ransomware, CEO fraud, spear-phishing and other social engineering tactics through a new-school approach to awareness training on security using online courses.

The team that uses zipBoard is called Courseware and is responsible for building games, assessments, video modules, and online training modules for companies to use to train staff to protect themselves and their employer when they are online.

The challenges faced by our client/their organization

The backbone of building an online course which helps a lot of people to secure their digital data depends a lot on feedback and continuous review processes. A lot of back and forth between the QA team and the developing team takes place to make sure that the foundation and frame of the course is laid right. As the development process progresses, it is also important to get reviews from different reviewers, clients and also stakeholders and the entire process is carried out by using a lot of tools.

The challenge that comes along is to consolidate the reviews and feedback which has been received. Putting all of the reviews in a centralised place and sorting through all of it is quite a taxing task. Finding the correct issues and prioritising it accordingly to make the course more suitable and progress in the right direction is crucial. Simultaneously tracking the progress of the bugs and issues while making sure that no one steps on anyone’s toes is also important to do.

knowbe4 team large uses zipBoard

The developers at KnowBe4 primarily use excel sheets to keep track of tasks, priorities and to centralise reviews. Not only is this process very traditional, it is also very time consuming. Every day a considerable amount of time needs to be invested in bookkeeping. A search for a good review and bug tracking tool was at the top of the priorities for the men and women at KnowBe4.

The impact of the challenges on our client’s organization

Organisation of the documents become chaotic. It delays the delivery of the project and since the documentation is not systemic it is time consuming to go through the reviews. The QA process, as a result, becomes much more stressful than necessary. It results in lost time and subsequently capital.

Collecting reviews is one of the central parts of building a qualitative eLearning course and it generally determines the rate of progress. The members of the QA team are the gate-keepers of the course’s sanctity and they need to amp up their efficiency to make sure that the deadlines are being met. During the review cycles, a lot of time is being lost in the process of collecting reviews itself. Furthermore, sifting through all of them and classifying the received reviews in terms of priority is important but is also yet another time consuming task.

After all that has been done, identifying the bugs and tracking its progress through the entire project’s phase is a daunting task. Using excel sheets to do so is inefficient, time consuming and quite frankly, boring. While developing eLearning courses that help individuals and organisations secure themselves from cyber threats, timelines are very important. Losing time at the crucial stages of course and assessment development will lead to delayed deadlines and poor quality of work. As a result, it will poorly affect the value generated for the clients and will decrease the revenue generated for KnowBe4.

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Painting a picture

KnowBe4 was in search of a solution which would help them get reviews from the QA team, external reviewers and their clients centralised in one place and will take care of the documentation also. It will help them go through the stack quickly and they can also prioritise the reviews received and get to work immediately. Moreover, using a review tool which can collect visual feedback instead of just text will be cherry on top.

Moving on, a need of a systemic bug tracking tool was also felt. A tool which helps all the developers and the QA testers to know what comes next and on whose shoulders the responsibilities fall without referring to multiple excel sheets. A bug tracking tool which enables its users to prioritise the bugs, issues and enhancements based on multiple parameters like the priority, deadlines and the phase of the project itself was very much needed. On the top of all this, the new tool should be easily integrable with the existing workflow and has to be easy to use.

zipBoard’s role in client’s success

zipBoard was recommended to KnowBe4 by one of their contacts and they have never looked back since. The ability to add unlimited collaborators, reviewers and clients in one project and get all their reviews at the same time in a centralised location was a game changer. Not only did it help them to stop relying on other methods of collecting reviews, a lot of time was saved as all of it was properly documented in one place.

Visual bug tracking tool zipBoard

The visual feedback received through zipBoard was also an upgrade from the previous methodology. It helped everyone communicate with everyone else much quickly and since a visual element was also used in giving feedback, the developers found it easier to understand it and fix the related issues.

The next hindrance in their workflow that they were able to knock it out of the park was bug tracking. With zipBoard, converting received reviews into tasks and assigning them to team members and by setting priority and deadlines was as easy as A-B-C. It helped everyone to be on the same page at all times and all of the developers knew what needed to be done next and which is the next issue they should be looking at. The simple and easy-to-use UI of zipBoard helped everyone adapt to it in basically no time. 

Fortunately with zipBoard, what used to be one of the most tedious tasks in the entire process is now the one that everyone looks forward to.


The challenge of collecting feedback from different teams, internal and external, is not a new one. It existed for a long time and still does. The same thing could also be said about bug tracking, although the challenges have been aggravated due to remote work. Nevertheless, we cannot and should not let these simple hurdles stop us from achieving our goals.

Even though, from the surface, these issues are simple and many have accepted them as such, these issues cause a lot of trouble down the line and lead to a lot of loss both on the personal level and also the organisational level. In order to attain maximum efficiency, it is imperative that we find better tools to collect reviews and feedback effectively and track bugs and issues without fail, end-to-end.

zipBoard has time and again proved to be the tool to get visual reviews and feedback from different teams and stack them in a very organised way for you. It also makes the fudgy tasks like bug tracking, task management a breeze and reduces redundancies massively, helping many organisations, including KnowBe4, to be more productive.

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