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Maria Shynkar is a QA engineer. Her job description is to find bugs, make sure they are being resolved, reviewing video content, collating feedback, and bug and issue tracking. Just like most QA engineers, Maria has to also collaborate and communicate with various colleagues, team members, developers, and sometimes stakeholders and clients.

Needless to say, her work is of utmost importance as it defines the quality of online courses through eLearning content review and bug tracking. In her position, there is always a lot of pressure with little to no room for error.

The challenges faced by Maria and her team

For a QA engineer, quality holds the utmost priority, and bug and issue tracking is the way to achieve it. However, it must be understood that the available resources are always limited in the QA process. The QA process is always conducted in a very limited timeframe with specific goals and few team members. The catch is, there could be a lot of bugs at the same time to fix them.

For example, while conducting eLearning content review, especially reviewing video content, the estimated number of bugs could be too high. Still, due to the strict nature of the production process, time and resources remain the same.

Bug and issue tracking is not the only challenge encountered by Maria and her team. Managing tasks and prioritizing backlog was the next on the list. These challenges became more complex as constant collaboration was necessary and new information was coming infrequently. In the process of eLearning content review during the QA process, reviews came from multiple departments. All that feedback needs to be collated and prioritized properly.

The impact of those challenges

Although the challenges sound quite simple, they had catastrophic effects on the QA process. For starters, it demanded more resources in terms of collaborators and time to hit the deadlines and quality requirements. As a result of that, the development process was slower and the potential for suboptimal quality of content increased.

Due to the challenges in collating feedback while reviewing video content, there was confusion with the bug and issue tracking side of the same. Prioritizing the backlog became more complicated than it had to be because sifting through all the reviews was tough. Bug tracking was always a challenge because of that too and that increased the chances of mismanagement of task allocation.

Defining the solution

So, what kind of a solution was needed by Maria and her team?

  • A platform for eLearning content review: Reviewing video content is always challenging. In general, it involves either screen-sharing meetings or sending long detailed texts describing the issues. It was time-consuming and counter-productive.
  • Bug and issue tracking: After reviews and feedback has been collated in one place, they should be easily trackable. Tracking issues makes it easier to get them resolved and ensure that they don’t get repeated.
  • Task management: Assigning tasks and making sure that the collaborators and not stepping on each others’ toes while resolving the issues created. Prioritizing through the list of bugs and picking them one by one systematically was needed.

zipBoard as a solution for Maria and her team

zipBoard was tried for the first time by Maria and her team after being recommended by a team member. Their QA process became efficient in multiple ways which made their entire process better and faster.

zipBoard provided a good inclusive platform where all the collaborators could share their reviews about the course content. eLearning content review became much simpler as a result. Furthermore, going through the feedback and prioritizing them was easier.

Visual bug tracking tool zipBoard

Remote collaboration became simpler and efficient with zipBoard’s visual bug and issue tracking features. Parameters such as priority, due date, status, etc, were neatly stated in each detailed bug report.

zipBoard’s task manager and visual Kanban board assisted Maria and her team to stay on the top of the list of issues and get them solved as soon as they came in. Managing the available resources including time and collaborators was a piece of cake with zipBoard.

See zipBoard’s video review tool in action in the short video below.


After re-reading the challenges faced by Maria and her team, it was quite evident that those challenges were “simple” by definition. However, those hurdles proved to have huge consequences on the entire process. The challenges revolving around collaboration and managing the QA process affect a lot of teams around the world, but many seldom do anything about it. But, it must be noted that these problems do have an easy solution.

It is difficult when your process is slowed down by problems that couldn’t be solved but it is disappointing when your process is slowed by problems that are easily solvable.

zipBoard takes care of the efficiency of your entire process by enabling you to work efficiently by getting your whole team on the same page. Our solution for enterprises and agencies helps with:

  • Digital content review by annotation and markup
  • Website annotation and review
  • Visual collaboration
  • Bug and issue tracking
  • Stakeholder and team collaboration
  • Task and backlog management

About the author

Tarasekhar is a SaaS marketer for zipBoard who also loves to learn. He enjoys following old and new trends in the digital domain. Whenever he is not busy with his work, he loves to read history, philosophy and catch up on Formula 1.

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