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Easy to Use Bug Tracking & Reporting Tool for Internal and External Stakeholders

Improve your production quality by creating contextual bug reports using feedback from clients and testers at every phase of your development using zipBoard’s bug tracking tools. 

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Fast & Reliable Bug Tracking Software

Review, assign, manage and approve PDF documents, all within a centralized document review and approval software.

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The problem caused a great amount of time at certain stages to be consumed in review discussions with stakeholders, increasing workload and decreasing focus on new projects. With zipBoard, this started to change.

Raschid J. F. Rafaelly
Senior Product Manager

Contextual Bug Reports

Your testers and clients can share their issues and directly report bugs while viewing their products. Explain bugs better with annotations, screenshots, and screen recordings directly from your product.

Bug Tracking in zipBoard
Adding Tasks and Issues in zipBoard for asynchronous content review and learning content review process

Automate Your Workflow

Send responses to your clients, users, and testers directly from the bug reports for additional discussion. Notify users about a response or the status of the issue reported. Triage issues for better bug tracking and integration into your workflow with third-party integrations.

All Contextual Information and Discussion Related to the Bug at One Place

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Review & Annotation

Your testers and clients can simply use the embedded bug tracking tools to explain the bug directly in your app. With a variety of annotation tools like pencils, rectangles, arrows, and screenshots, screen recordings, reporting bugs is easy for users.

Screen Recordings

Additional screen recordings for the tester and clients to record issues – and any other details – without leaving the app.

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User Details

Collect all environment details like browser, OS, and resolution attached to each bug – making it easy for internal teams to reproduce issues.


Say you use Jira for bug tracking, you can integrate the zipBoard projects directly with Jira and other apps to ensure all issues can be tracked in your workflow.

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Integrate Easily in Your App and With Other Tools

Integrate using API or create custom links on the fly for user feedback and testing. Automate your workflow by integrating it with your issue tracking and project-management workflow.

Why Productive Teams Choose zipBoard as Their Bug Tracking and Reporting Software

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Secure Storage of Your Data

You don’t need an on-premise software, securing your collaborators from the hassle. With privacy our #1 priority, we secure your data at a server/location of your choice. Giving you complete control of it.

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Manage Bugs/Issues

Every issue you create can be added as a task in zipBoard. Each task can be assigned various properties (due date, assignee, status, level of priority,…) to keep you and your team on track to resolve the bug.

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Productive teams

– they love zipBoard.

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Keep your bug tracking and reporting process stress-free.

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