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eLearning Content Development Calculator

Ever wondered how much time you spend QA testing your learning content?

Our calculator template explains exactly how and what you can measure, to visualize the value of your eLearning content development effort/cost.

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By getting this calculator, you will:

Calculate content development cost and effort with an automated sheet.


  • Effort / cost metrics with traditional method.
  • Cost / effort savings with optimized QA review.

Understand how to streamline your QA review process.

training L&D eLearning ROI calculator feature image

More about the eLearning calculator

While QA testing is an important part of content development, it’s also one that developers struggle with. It’s time to change that.

Why? There are four main reasons.

  • Teams spend about 40% of their time managing content reviews.
  • An optimized QA process helps L&D teams deliver content on time.
  • This helps you avoid cost overruns.
  • And manage your team’s and SME’s time better.

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Reduce your L&D content development cost and effort.


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