To keep up with the ever-evolving field of project management, this article features a list of blogs that will make it easier for project managers to be in the know-how of the latest trends, best practices, and tools available today to navigate through the ups and downs of project cycles. For new project managers, listening and reading about the experiences of other project managers is a great way to advance their skills in the field, while for PMs who’s in the business for some time, these blogs also offer a platform for engaging with the community and networking with other seasoned professionals.

Here’s our list of the top project management blogs to follow:-

1. Drunken PM

Drunken PM

Much like the name, Drunken PM has a background of subtle humor with David Prior, covering a range of project management topics, especially in the domain of Agile, Scrum, and Kanban. Each blog typically covers a topic of interest along with interviews and podcasts with industry insiders to discuss their thoughts on the subject. You can also find resources for certifications such as CSM (Certified Scrum Master) and CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner).

You can also follow David on Medium and Twitter for more of his takes on project management.

2. Project Times

Project Times

Project Times features articles, blogs, webinars, whitepapers, and templates about project management as well as updates on the latest events in the community. Follow this blog for the latest insights on the domain and resources for PMI (Project Management Institute) certification. In case you’re looking for new opportunities, Project Times also has a job board.

You can get updates from Project Times on Twitter as well.

3. A Girl’s Guide To Project Management

A Girl’s Guide To Project Management

Elizabeth Harrin is the person behind A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. The blog, live from 2006, has since become a popular destination for finding practical solutions, templates, and advice on how to manage teams, collaboration, and, of course, projects. Elizabeth routinely reviews books and software related to project management as well. In case you’re looking to go for your PM qualifications, there are resources to prepare for that as well.

You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter for more updates from A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, or even engage with the active community.

4. Project Bliss

Project Bliss

Project Bliss covers topics for project managers from all kinds of backgrounds — whether you’re new to the field or an industry veteran catching up with current trends. This blog was created by Leigh Epsy to help other project managers learn from her experiences; there is plenty of how-tos, performance, and IT-related articles. By her own admission, Leigh didn’t start in project management right after her education but found her way into project management and software development and has since loved learning more about the subject and sharing her insights with others.

For more insights and thoughts from Leigh Epsy, follow her on Twitter here.

5. Practicing IT Project Manager

Practicing IT Project Manager

Hosted by Dave Gordon, who has nearly three decades of experience working in the IT project management domain, it contains resources for project managers, program managers, business analysts, and portfolio managers. If you work as a consultant or even for an IT solutions vendor, this blog has handy tips and resources for you. One of the highlights of the blog is the weekly roundup where Dave curates links to helpful project management articles from around the web.

You can follow Dave Gordon on Twitter as well.

6. Project Management Basics


Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy hosts PM Basics101 for helping non-project managers and novices fill in the gaps in their knowledge for making the step up to project management roles. Dmitriy is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Scrum Master (CSM). Apart from the blog, visitors can also sign up as members to get access to templates and best practices suggestions from the practical experience of Dmitriy and his colleagues.


ProjectManagement.com_zipBoard is a one-stop resource for project managers. There are webinars, templates, tools, practice areas for agile and risk management, and a community that keeps up with current trends and events. It’s a good place to not only gather knowledge but also build a network and build connections with other PMs. Whether you’re looking for a place to start learning about project management or looking for resources and tips to boost your productivity, this is a good place to go.

Get updates from on Twitter here.

8. Guerrilla Project Management

Guerrilla Project Management_zipBoard

Hosted by Samad Aidan, who has nearly two decades of project management experience, Guerrilla Project Management aims to “liberate project management from the tyranny of conventional wisdom”. The blog features industry professionals and influencers who share their experience and tips for project managers to increase their performance, agility, and resilience.

9. Project Management Hacks

Project Management Hacks_zipBoard

Project Management Hacks discusses tips and stories for people to learn more about increasing productivity in project management. This is mainly aimed at people who would like to take the next step in their project management careers or improve the output of their team on project cycles. Bruce Harpham is the man behind Project Management Hacks. On the blog, you will find interviews, articles, and resources for career advancement in project management.

Bruce Harpham can also be found on Twitter here.

10. Liquid Planner Blog


The project management tool’s blog is a great resource for topics related to the subject, especially newer trends like cloud hosting, the internet of things (IoT) and, automation in the IT industry. Be sure to go through the Industry Series blogs. There are articles on what methodology works for your time, how to manage time efficiently, coordinating effectively across the team, and interviews with C-executives as well.

You can keep up with the Liquid Planner team on Twitter also.

Special Mentions’

Apart from the ten blogs mentioned above, do check out these other blogs too for interesting reads about various topics on project management.

What are the blogs you follow as a project manager? Let us know in the comments.

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