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Documents, agreements, scopes of work, calendars, and bills…all important for construction – but it is up to you to decide if this will positively or negatively affect the workflow of your projects. In this article, you will find strategies for maximizing your productivity and personal time when it comes to construction document management.

This ultimate guide will walk you through the main concepts, why it’s relevant, and how to make the implementation work for your organization.

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What Is Construction Document Management?

Digital documentation is your chance to opt out of traditional documentation systems. Construction document management can apply to both physical and digital documents, although many organizations are choosing digital documentation to better handle the amount of paperwork that modern construction projects require.

When documents are not present on-site, it is challenging for all stakeholders to have access to the same, reliable, information. Traditional documentation also takes up a large amount of space and only takes up more space over time. Finding a document can be tedious in paper documentation, but electronic documentation makes this easier. All you need are the right keywords, and you can find your document within an instant.

Benefits of Construction Document Management


Using cloud documentation means that the accessibility and organization of your documents are easy. Further, the records are accessible to anyone who has been granted permission to view and use the server. It can take a long time while waiting for actions, such as signatures when using traditional document management systems. This leads to delayed completion dates and reduced productivity when people are waiting around. However, with the accessibility of cloud documentation, documents can be electronically signed and shared efficiently!

signature to Improve Construction Document Management in zipBoard
Signing documents in zipBoard

Reduces Errors

Why risk mistakes with traditional management systems when you can use a management tool that minimizes errors? Also, mistakes in construction can lead to larger issues such as claims or lawsuits; there is no reason to let it get that far! A sound document management system, such as zipBoard, reduces the potential risk that a contractor deals with in their projects. Fewer mistakes equate to fewer conflicts, which can have lasting effects on a project. Reduce errors with proper document management.

Makes Audits a lot Easier

Auditing is crucial in construction, which is why it is key to have an organized system. Proper documents will decide if a contractor has managed the funds well or not. Working on government projects enforces many regulations.

If it is quality control, labor rights, or contract claims, it is important to have an effective documentation system that keeps track of all communication, transactions, and modifications. During project closeout, the contractor needs to prove that they have complied with all the project standards; having all the right documentation is just as necessary as having it organized and ready to go.

Creates a Single Source of Truth

Team collaborations require a proper flow of communication. However, with every decision, all parties need to have access to factual information to ensure that everyone is using the same source of truth.

Collaboration is helpful in construction, but only if everyone is on the same page with the information they are referring to. A sound document management system should provide an easy-to-access center for all of the documents needed for a project.

Saves Cost and Schedule Overruns

A cost-saving method for your projects is an established construction document management process.

Your organization is at its best when everyone works from the same place and can see when changes occur.

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Improves Communication Between Stakeholders

Strong document management will improve the quality of communication between departments and stakeholders. Especially when people are working at different times, it is important to have strong communication despite asynchronous work schedules. Departments that are included in communications are listed below.

  • Contractors and subcontractors: They may not be present for all meetings, and therefore benefit greatly from having easy access to reliable information.
  • Project managers: Managing timelines while sticking to a strict budget means that exceptional documentation management is essential!
  • Job site workers: On-site Workers may not be involved in as many communications, but they must be aware of changes to projects as well as communications involving safety and deadlines.
  • Accounting: An effective document management system can ensure that accounting team members review items such as cost centres before material requests are sent off. It saves time, and money, keeping everything organized.

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Strategies to improve the construction document management process

Assess Your Current Process

Starting with an assessment of your current workflow and approach is how you can evaluate what stays and what goes. You can start by asking these questions:

  • How are assessments made for higher-quality projects?
  • What records are needed to validate steps taken within the workflow?
  • What procedures are successful?
  • What procedures are unsuccessful?
  • How does an alteration in the system align with project and company objectives?

Centralize Your Construction Data

As you assess your current systems, you should start centralizing existing documents. Ensure that they are in an accessible system for stakeholders to refer to, and utilize as they work through their timeline.

How could this benefit you? Your day-to-day tasks will be more efficient by having the ability to find everything in one place

Further, learn to adopt new strategies to improve your documentation and submittal processes.

  1. Make Construction Documents Accessible Anywhere

With all your company’s documents available in one place, your company can maximize its project quality. When your team can quickly access their documents, they will spend less time on paperwork and more time on the project itself. Let your online tool do some of the work for you so that you can maximize your time on what matters.

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Assign set duties and responsibilities

A standardized workflow is needed for construction document control. Every company is different, so establish what works best for you. A guideline to do so is by asking these questions…

  • How should changes be updated?
  • Who gets notifications on changes?
  • Who can do what in your new system?
  • Who needs to review and approve?

Use construction document management tools

When you are improving your construction document management system, there are many different ways to go about this. Your system and workflow will depend on the software you select. Therefore, selecting a tool that offers the following features will lead to a strong documentation system:

  • Centralized access to information
  • Generates notifications and tracks updates
  • Integrates with existing digital processes to support workflows
  • Includes collaboration options for improved communications
  • Reduces costs with the improvement in communications and an organized documentation trail

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Continuously Optimise the Construction Document Management Process

Aiming toward constantly improving your solution rather than sticking to your original processes will allow you to optimize your management system. To do this, you must continuously assess your document management system. For example, as your organization grows with more people and projects, you need to continuously assess your tools, and ensure that they grow with your company. If your system cannot keep up with your projects, then it will limit your project outcomes.

As well, incorporating the feedback from your staff will lead to positive growth in staff communications and relations, by having everyone feel heard, but also to utilize the different perspectives of others, to find the best solutions.

Choose the Right Construction Document Management Tools

zipboard rfi submittal process
RFI submittal process in zipBoard

No more stacks of paper and spreadsheets anywhere but centralized. The trick to improving your system is the right software. The right construction document management software will do all the tedious work for you, and you can focus on creating the best workflow! Putting your paperwork on the cloud cuts down clutter, and makes your paperwork easily accessible. As well, any stakeholder can quickly find the information they are looking for…all in one place.

With zipBoard, you can find all the features you need for your team, as well as features you never knew you needed!

With zipBoard you can enjoy:

  • Construction submittal roadblocks that are remedied quickly.
  • Optimum construction document management for all your submittals and reviews.
  • Finding problematic materials in submittals before construction starts.
  • Avoidance of costly rework jobs.
  • Ensure building code compliance.
  • Removal of email back and forth by centralizing communications.
  • Annotation tools for digital content

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Knowing the basics of construction document management, you can continue to find positive results within your workflow and improved systems. By following our quick guide, you should see changes in no time!

Improve Your Construction Document Management Process With zipBoard.

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