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Make Submittal Approval a Breeze With zipBoard’s PDF Markup and Collaboration Tools

Chasing that submittal approval after a lengthy submittal review process can often be tiring and costly. Here's how you can deal with it better!

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6 Strategies to Improve Construction Document Management Processes

Here are 6 strategies you can employ today to improve your construction document management process.

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Optimizing Your Pre-construction Planning Phase to Improve Efficiency

Realise the true importance of the pre-construction planning phase, before there are cost and time overruns. Here's 5 actionable steps you can incorporate to optimize your pre-construction planning.

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9 strategies you can adopt now to improve the construction submittal process

Whether you’re just starting or experienced, find 9 actionable strategies you can implement today to improve the construction submittal process.

Top 7 Document Mark-up Tools for Submittal Review Teams
The Top 7 Document Mark-up Tools for Submittal Review Teams

The web dev space is ever evolving. Staying on top of new trends can be tiresome but is necessary. Find all the web development trends here!


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