Live chat was designed to provide a shrewd resolution to customer queries. It is now one of the greatest tools for lead generation and increased sales. Businesses can use real-time conversations to better engage with website visitors. When tweaked with certain exponential practices, live chats can also become an overarching sales hack.

Here are some ways to maximize conversions:

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1. Personalize Chat Invitations to Achieve Greater Engagement

Personalized chat invitations allow businesses to instantly grab a visitor’s attention. Chat widgets should be used to customize greetings that target specific individuals because it reinforces a sense of privilege or of being treated with greater importance. This entices visitors to heed your chat advice, leading to intensified visitor engagement and increased conversions.

2. Enhance Operations using Pre-Chat Surveys

Pre-chat surveys are used to obtain visitors’ basic contact information, like name, address, and email. These surveys can also be used to track visitor’s in-depth search habits, simplifying the processing efforts.

Pre-chat surveys can include customized fields using live chat software. These fields enable businesses to obtain even more valuable information, which can be used by specific agents/departments, to target visitors based on who’d serve them best.

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3. Create Templates

Having message templates ready saves time during conversations because it eliminates manually typing every response. This results in increased engagement time, which can be used for conversion purposes.

Create a set of templates based on different scenarios, like initial greetings, status responses, and pushing links. Just know that when used frequently, templates can also result in generic or non-subjective conversations. For this reason, templates must be combined with personalized engagement.

4. Use the Chat Box to Communicate Value

Website visitors arrive for many reasons, so live chat conversations must be relevant to their purpose. If messages don’t add value, visitors will get annoyed. Instead, provide them with solid support so their intentions can be inferred through other means, like staying on a page longer than the threshold time, constantly fluctuating between specific pages, or repetitive visits. Initiate relevant chat invitations to communicate the value of their interests.

5. Leverage Conversations to Guide Customers’ Decision-Making

When browsing, people get caught up with questions and purchase-related fears. This is why they rely on the live chat feature to address their queries.

Businesses must ensure that conversations are aligned with people who can best assist them with detailed information on the product/service, evidence, and scope of support they seek. Visitors can then take a guided trip through the site, strengthening their decision to buy.

Customers’ Decision-Making

6. Use Post-Chat Feedback to Create Relevant Changes

Post-chat feedback greatly helps in measuring success with live chat endeavors. It also helps determine the areas where improvements are needed. Businesses should customize post-chat survey questions to derive specific details. Rating systems can also be established to evaluate the chat experience. Making relevant changes that align with feedback is important for conversion.

7. Dispense Appropriate Content to the Right Individuals

It’s not enough to load your site with valuable content. You also need to ensure that it reaches the right audience. You can’t expect your customers and prospects to find the right content for themselves, by themselves.

Live chat empowers you to push relevant content from your FAQs and knowledge base, directly to existing and potential customers. In this way, they obtain the right kind of support at the right time, increasing conversion opportunities.

Appropriate Content to the Right Individuals
Intercom tries to engage users initially by sharing knowledge of product management.

8. Sales Team Notification of Promising Chats

Assigning salespeople to promising chat conversations is a great conversion idea because it allows businesses to initiate more shrewd conversions. When visitors express interest in purchases, advise your chat agents to transfer the chats to the sales team.

The sales team can obtain more conversions when motivated visitors are sent their way. Businesses can also establish triggers for doing this once chat conversations reach a specific goal.

Notification of Promising Chats
source: Drift

9. Determining When to Pop the Chat

To maximize conversions, businesses need to determine when to redirect the live chat into the sales funnel. This is important because visitors could turn away if the conversation is popped too early or late. Knowing when to redirect a chat can define if a purchase is made. One of the best times to do this is on the live chat page holding the highest bounce rates.


Good customer support can lead to increased sales for any business and live chat help can quickly assist with that. Using the tips discussed here, you can maximize conversions using live chat software.

Let us know your tips and strategies for making the most of live chat solutions for maximizing conversions from websites!

This article is a guest post by Sam Makad for the zipBoard blog.

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