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One tool to free you from the hassle of collecting internal and end-user feedback on different apps

zipBoard is a small team that is passionate about design collaboration. We want to make it easy for teams and clients to discuss design easily, more collaboratively — whether remote or co-located. That is why we designed zipBoard to be your virtual whiteboard, no matter what type of project. Whether you are starting a website redesign, working on HTML prototypes, e-Learning courses, or simply gathering feedback on your web app, you can collect feedback and make it a part of your development tracking process using zipBoard.

Is that you? Let’s change that with zipBoard! 🙂

We started building zipBoard with the vision to make it easier for web designers and e-Learning developers to exchange contextual feedback during the design and development process. After getting feedback from our early adopters we realized we did not want to stop at collecting feedback. Feedback is effective when it can be tracked, prioritized, and most of all converted into actionable tasks for tracking bugs and issues.

We’re excited to share our recent updates after acting on this learning and get more feedback from the community.

Start with just an idea or user story
  • We understand that the starting point of a project may not be an image or a design, but just an idea or discussion. You can now directly add user stories without having to start with a website URL, an e-Learning course, or an image. Just start to add your story or task, assign it to team members involved and start tracking it.
  • Use the responsive design emulator to view your website/ image/ course or HTML prototype in different resolutions and add specific comments for that screen resolution.
Use a shareable URL to get internal as well as external feedback
  • To be able to track both internal and external feedback from one platform, we now have a shareable link with options for logging in or for open access. Teams can track internal team discussions as well as client or customer reviews in one place without mixing them up.
  • You can now tag your boards, tasks, or projects and search based on specific tags.
  • Boards can be reordered in the project view.
Communicate with your users with images, not just words
  • Get feedback from guests or anonymous users without requiring them to log in.
  • You can work on different iterations of the design, by adding versions and tracking tasks for each of those separately.
  • zipBoard supports multiple formats for design uploads. You can add annotations and comments on a JPEG or PNG image, an HTML prototype, an e-Learning course, or an existing website or URL. More file formats like PDF are on our roadmap.
Use zipBoard with JIRA and Slack, in whatever workflow suits you
  • We already integrate with JIRA and Slack which means you can push all your updates from zipBoard directly to projects in JIRA or a Slack channel. More integrations are on our radar.

There is a lot more planned for designers, developers, clients, customers, product managers, and everyone to make it easy to collaborate, gather feedback, and track issues. We’d love to hear your feedback.

You can sign up for free at or you can jump into the live version in seconds using this feedback link: App

Share your feedback in zipBoard or any bugs or issues you find. For more future updates, you can also sign up for our mailing list.

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