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zipBoard video recording tool - new feature update
Introducing the All-New Video Recording Tool in zipBoard

Annotations are good! Screenshots are great! But video recordings? The greatest! You know when you annotate or take a screenshot during reviews, you need to add a comment alongside the annotations and the screenshots. While these are all well and good, and you still need them in some instances, the new video recording tool will

2023 in review
Year in Review: Looking Back at 2023 at zipBoard

Remember that time we brainstormed your team’s projects and workflows and ended up with ideas wilder than a sugar-fueled squirrel?  That was the kind of creative energy that defined 2023 at zipBoard, and guess what? You were a huge part of it! We continue to deliver significant value across organizations and industries – creative reviews

zipBoard's Revolutionary ML Model
Unleashing Success: BCIT Collaboration Empowers zipBoard’s Revolutionary ML Model

Discover how the BCIT Collaboration empowers zipBoard’s Revolutionary ML Model. In today’s digital landscape, customer feedback is crucial for businesses. At zipBoard, we value customer reviews to enhance product experiences. And to improve zipBoard’s reporting capabilities, we collaborated with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Read the success story of our partnership and how

Reduce Friction and Save Time with the New Stamp Feature for PDF Reviews
Reduce Friction and Save Time with the New Stamp Feature

Efficient collaboration, seamless reviews, and time-saving processes are necessary for successful digital asset review processes. At zipBoard, we recognize the challenges that arise during PDF reviews, where time-consuming tasks and friction often hinder productivity and timely decision-making. We’re all about enhancing visual collaboration and helping you – our users save time and reduce several repetitive

Save Time, Stay Organized, and Improve Feedback with Filtering in Reviews and Text Annotation - improve visual collaboration
Improve Visual Collaboration: Save Time, Stay Organized, and Improve Feedback with Filtering in Reviews and Text Annotation

Ensuring smooth and effective collaboration for feedback and approvals for digital assets (like websites, web apps, PDF documents, videos, images, etc) across remotely distributed/hybrid teams is no easy task. It can be time-consuming, confusing, disorganized, and may reduce productivity when you don’t have streamlined workflows with efficient collaboration tools. At zipBoard, we understand the importance

Secure and streamline your content sharing with zipBoard’s enhanced sharing features for collaborating with external stakeholders
Secure and Streamline Your Content Sharing with zipBoard’s Enhanced Sharing Features for Collaborating with External Stakeholders

At zipBoard, we understand that collaborating with busy stakeholders often outside of our own organization can be tricky. We enable collaboration with clients, busy subject matter experts, and vendors by creating non-editable shareable links to your digital assets and content. We recently enhanced some of the sharing options to make it even more secure to

Latest Update to Our Annotation Tool: Transparency, Free Annotation, and Pencil Tool

We are proud to announce four exciting new upgrades to our annotation tool that will take your review experience to the next level! Our goal is to empower you with the best tools for often tricky and complex reviewing needs, and these updates will help you get even more out of our platform. Transparency Toggle

zipBoard feature update
Update: Save time With Screenshot and Annotate

Working with screenshots has now been simplified thanks to our new Screenshot and Annotate feature. Learn all about it here!

2022 EOY in review image
2022 in Review at zipBoard

Check out your year in review at zipBoard. See what features and content we added throughout the year, and what you can do to make 2023 an even better year!

embedded annotations + video UI update feature image
Introducing Embedded Annotations + Exciting Features and New UI for Videos/Images

Introducing embedded annotations. Now annotate and collaborate on digital content without using zipBoard's extension. Helping client collaboration and breaking the barrier for non-technical stakeholders. Also, see what exciting new features and UI we've introduced for videos/images.


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