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Tools for remote teams to stay connected

April 3, 2019 Posted by Design, Design Feedback, Project Management, Resources, Testing, Web Development 0 comments

An exhaustive list of tools that help in all domains of remote collaboration

Remote communication and collaboration are not easy. But in the dynamic web design and development space, it’s the need of the hour. To bring the best talent on-board. Here are some tools that ease your remote team challenges.

Team Communication Tools


An online collaboration tool which brings all the team communications at one place. You can have multiple channels viz. marketing, gitupdates, assets, events etc for group discussions. Also you can opt for direct messaging if you need to address someone individually. The integrations support makes it all the useful. Paid plans starts at $6.67/active user/mo.


Team communication software that allows to chat(group/individual), share files, audio calls and video calls across the team, anytime,anywhere. Also, its easy to integrate external apps to streamline the workflow. Paid plans starts at $149/licensed user/mo.

Workplace by Facebook

A collaboration platform that uses AI to show you the most relevant messages that needs your attention.Apart from using next gen technologies, it provides regular features like call, chat, file share, integrations etc. Paid plan costs $3/active user/mo.


Skype lets to talk, chat and collaborate with your team(anyone) from anywhere. It allows video calls, screen share, text chats, call recording and even phone calls to connect you to anyone, anytime. Multiple subscription and pay as you go options are available to choose from.


Jell lets you conduct virtual daily standups, create team check-Ins and define goals. This keeps everyone informed about who is working on what and makes the team more productive. It integrates with slack to fill the gaps. Paid plans starts at $4/user/mo.


Zoom is video and web conferencing solution that allows online meetings, training and technical support. HD video, high quality audio, remote screen control, calendaring system support make it effective and easy to use. Paid plans start from $14.99/host/mo.

Google Hangouts

Google hangouts allows messaging, voice and video calls(group as well as one on one). It integrates with G Suite to facilitate direct file sharing from drive and collaboration on google docs, sheets and slides. It is available as a feature for G Suite users whose paid plans starts at $5/user/mo.

Youtube Live

Youtube Live allows live streaming. Be it your thoughts or your event you can stream them live, free of cost.

JoinMe is a platform to conduct and join online meetings. You can create a custom URL for the meeting and share it. It allows screen sharing, video/audio calling, google/outlook calendar scheduling and live whiteboard discussions. Paid plans starts at $10/user/mo.


A simple help-desk solutions that allows the team to collaborate on customer feedback, queries and complaints. It provides email management, ticketing system management and live chat options to stay tuned and reply effectively to customers. For all the features you just need to pay $19/user/month.

Design Collaboration tools


zipBoard is design feedback tool that allows the team as well as external stakeholders to annotate over the design and share the feedback. Teams can share images, HTML pages, websites, pdfs and any other web hosted assets to seek feedback from anyone at anytime. Paid plans starts at $29/mo.


Invision is a prototyping solution that allows teams to collaborate on low fidelity and high fidelity prototypes. Paid plan starts at $15/mo.


Figma is a design tool that allows real time collaboration. Here designers can design and comment in the browser itself. Also multiple designers can work on the same design simultaneously. Paid plan starts at $12/editor/mo.


Codepen is a social development environment which serves as a great place to show your work, get feedback and inspirations for front end developers. Paid plan for teams starts at $12/member/mo.

Software development Collaboration tools


Github is a development platform that allows to host code online. Also, team members can review each others code and work on different branches to avoid any clashes when working simultaneously. Paid plan starts at $ 7/mo


Cloud9 is a cloud based development environment where teams can write, run and debug code. As you are coding in your browser, you have real time access to each others inputs all the time. You can choose the pricing modal as per your needs.

Productivity Tools

Time tracking

Project Management

Secure Sharing

Password management Tools

Secure File sharing, storage and collaboration Tools

Document editing and collaboration tools


Penflip allows each team member to work on its own version of the shared doc. Each version is saved differently which lets the team members to do edits individually. These edits can later be merged like merging code from different braches on Git. Paid plans starts at $10/mo.


It allows commenting and accepting/rejecting suggestions even from mobile devices. This is more of a requirement in today’s mobile first world. Paid plan starts at $30/mo.

Scheduling Tools

Quick video recording Tools

Timezone Bridging Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

I’m sure there are many more missing in the list. Let us know about your favourite online collaboration tools in the comments.

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