Manage your Content issues & feedback to grow your eLearning Operations

Collect feedback across all your learning content ( courses, videos, storyboards, LMS launches ) to optimize content production and quality.

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Integrate feedback into development processes to Deliver High-quality learning experiences faster

Unlimited collaborators, integrated SME, and internal team collaboration

Know where your reviewers would like to request a change

Know where your reviewers would like to request a change

Get all the context and information from your SME reviews and feedback 

Is your SME reviewer struggling with sharing timely course reviews? Not able to get all the context on what they share? The best way to get feedback from SME faster and with all the required context is to get notes directly on your courses and content. 

Add feedback to your development workflow 

With all the visual details of feedback on your courses, directly integrate with the internal development workflow to track progress, prioritize and manage feedback directly from your internal workflow.

Use data to improve your Learning Content Operations  

Creating quality learning content requires tracking issues across different content. Tag issues and discover insights and patterns to improve course quality. 

Uncover insights into Content development easily 

Do we get more feedback on copy or design? Do we get more issues in the alpha or beta phase? Get insights into QA patterns that help you improve your Content Development.

Tag issues and feedback to track what impacts Quality of your courses

Tag issues and feedback to track what impacts Quality of your courses

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Deliver high quality learning experiences, faster

Manage all Learning Content Reviews & QA issues

Manage all Learning Content Reviews & QA issues

Minimize confusion and chaos 

Teams building interactive Learning Content build in different media & authoring tools – SCORM courses, videos, PDF documents. To minimize chaos and optimize performance, manage all your reviews and QA for all content in one place. 

Test all your versions 

Manage all your content iterations built in any authoring tools or media, hosted on our server or your own or your LMS. One place to test and track all.

Empower your reviewers to share feedback quickly, easily 

No need for long review meetings, share the review on your own time. 

Learning reviews do not have to be tracked on spreadsheets or long meetings. Reviewers can send contextual notes to project teams instantly, throughout the development lifecycle. 

Share links over your preferred communication channel 

Create quick links to share with the reviewers without having to create new accounts or add them to projects. Share over slack, teams, or any other tool where you communicate with your clients to share feedback directly on the content. 

Collaborative online workspace with unlimited collaborators

Collaborative online workspace with unlimited collaborators

” The overall value comes from efficiently gathering feedback from our quality assurance team and any other stakeholders. This is very important because we want to ensure quality but at the same time, if we had to collect the feedback in another way and coalesce them, this would take time and effort that zipBoard makes easy for us. So it’s very valuable. “

John Just
KnowBe4’s Senior VP of Learning Innovation

We understand what makes an eLearning project team successful

Here’s how zipBoard helps you accelerate your development process

Get a single source for all reviews and QA and a complete insight on what’s causing quality issues, manage iterations and improve your overall development delivery

Convert reviews and feedback to quick development tasks to keep the conversation between the internal team and SMEs flowing.

90% of issues during development are related to visual details or copy. Figure out the repeating errors to improve your quality and development process.

Whether you are building a video or a course, whether testing the first version or the final on the LMS, ensure all your issues are logged in one place and all reviewers follow the same process.

Many issues require constant back and forth between reviewers and the project team to get all relevant information. Track all contextual information, and environment details to reproduce issues faster.

Manage iterations and all tasks for each iteration in a spreadsheet view or Kanban view to track issues easily in an organized manner throughout the project.

Here’s why zipBoard is the right Design Review and QA platform for your eLearning team

Stellar support

Dedicated year round support to troubleshoot and help with any technical roadblocks

One Content Review tool for all content

No need to juggle between spreadsheets, and disconnected tools to track reviews and QA for all your learning tasks.

Get your team and SMEs to collaborate while developing content & testing

The entire project team and clients get to collaborate and share notes in one central place, helping you develop faster. Track all issues from start to completion.

Connects with your existing tools & systems

Whether it is your project management system or LMS or internal dashboards, we can seamlessly integrate with your systems. Our API’s and off the shelf integrations make it easy to fit zipBoard into your existing workflow.

Not enough time or resources to set up processes?

With our experience helping set up content processes for thousands of processes, we offer expertise through zipBoard services. A team of process strategists, seasoned QA managers to build an impactful QA process for your Learning development team. 

Can we trust you with our data?

We use industry standard data security and privacy practices for a trusted experience.  We have implemented required technological and tactical measures to protect our customer’s data and personal information. 

Build qualitative eLearning content by collaborating effectively with zipBoard


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