Learning Leader's Conference:

A Guide to an Agile eLearning Development Process

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52 minutes



Greg Kozera

Director of Creative Learning


Beth Epperson ELM


Beth Epperson

QA/Accessibility Lead


About the webinar

In this joint webinar hosted by ELM and zipBoard, Greg Kozera and Beth Epperson from ELM demonstrate the modern approach to developing learning courses. The challenges that all the stakeholders face and the solutions to it. This is a complete guide to agile eLearning development process.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Get a peek into the course development process at ELM.
  • Learn about using the different phases for course development.
  • Get expert advice on using the advanced enterprise features of zipBoard.
  • Sorting comments and actionable feedback.
  • QA tracking throughout the content lifecycle. 
  • Managing tasks by assigning due dates, team members and priority.

About ELM

ELM is a creative agency specializing in custom learning experiences that inspire growth and change in the world’s leading organizations. ELM developed a unique approach by combing insights from modern cognitive theory and design theory to generate appealing, effective and intuitive experiences that produce top tier-learning results for their partners. They’re also a prized user of zipBoard.

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