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2022 has been a year full of collaboration. With teams no longer limited to a cubicle, you made it easier for everyone around you with innovative collaboration tools and processes. 2022 was a year of constant innovation and improvement for zipBoard and we couldn’t have done it without you. Let’s take a look at what we accomplished together!

Together we reviewed over 11,000 digital content

Created 1,000 new projects

Created 20,000 tasks

Collaborated with 10,000 team members & clients

Took more than 19,000 screenshots

And that’s just the beginning!

2022 Sought Collaborative Solutions, You Brought Them

zipBoard users saved 30% of their time by taking advantage of these new features, improvements, and resources.

We started 2022 by getting recognized by Gartner Digital Markets as one of the top products in 2021. Over the years we brought new innovative features to optimize your collaborative processes and needs. Some of the major updates are:

1. Our latest major update

We recently launched the embedded annotations, providing you with a browser extension-free collaboration experience. In the same update, you get access to some new features and a fresh UI for videos/images.

With this update:

  • Browser extensions are no longer a compulsion.
  • Client collaboration gets extremely streamlined.
  • Non-technical stakeholders have a much easier time providing feedback.
  • You get access to some handy tools to review video content.
skip ahead video update
Easy skip ahead and back button

2. Kanban UI & a New Content Manager

The new Kanban UI for content has made it easier than ever to get a full picture of what’s happening with your content. With the ability to see workflows in action, view statuses, and filter your content, you can quickly find what you were looking for and keep things organized. And this update also provides you with a new content manager.

This brings you:

  • Kanban View for Content
  • Content manager for better online proofing
  • Assign phases to each content
  • Deleting Phases
  • Enhanced user interface and experience (UI/UX)

3. The Beloved Customizable Task Statuses

This update gives you the ability to customize your task statuses based on your team’s workflow. It also introduces a feature that lets you map your zipBoard statuses with your Jira/Wrike statuses and vice versa.

This lets you:

  • Create, edit or delete task statuses
  • Map statuses seamlessly to integrations (Jira and Wrike)

4. zipBoard’s Latest UI/UX Enhancement to Our Review Board

This brings you:

  • Seamless review experience with a movable review board
  • For PDF – Common stamp options box
  • Comment count & Reply count

5. UI Update: Zip File Navigation

In this update, we made a change that improves your ability to identify and select “start files” for your eLearning zip files. This allows you to navigate through your zip files to select their start files, instead of typing in the file name.

There were many performance improvements or bug fixes that we provided and patched up regularly behind the hood. So, we would also like to give the devs a massive shoutout without whom the clogs of the wheel wouldn’t move.

Speaking of development, if you have any feedback and suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or book a free call. All our features and efforts in making zipBoard the most complete digital content review and approval tool stem from your needs. So, never hesitate!

Tailored Content for You Throughout the Year

To help you make the best out of the tool, we’ve created resources that will help you out with your collaboration process. One of them was the eLearning Content Development Calculator which helps you calculate the development cost of your learning content. Make sure to check it out and our other free resources here.

Along with these resources, we also released a plethora of videos to help you improve your collaborative processes and understand more about our tool. This video shows you how to provide accurate time stamped feedback on videos. (We have a big update coming for videos btw.)

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. From industry-specific solutions, feature updates, and how-to videos to even free webinars, you will find them all there. And as a Youtuber would say, you can take this opportunity to subscribe to our channel as our content is always tailored for you.

In this year of growth, we successfully held five webinars. From specific solutions, deep dives, and introductory 101’s, you will find that our webinars are all-encompassing. If you missed any, you can now watch them on-demand from the links below:

  1. Webpage bug tracking and QA reviews – Webinar
  2. Streamline Your Construction Review Process – Webinar
  3. Enhance your eLearning Course Review & QA Process – Webinar
  4. A Deep Dive Into Visual Review Process – Webinar
  5. Creating an eLearning course review & QA process – Webinar

And, to start the new year, we’ve recently launched our latest webinar: Streamline Creative Proofing and Stakeholder Collaboration of Your Agency. If your team needs to produce high-quality designs/creatives, on time then this is unmissable for you. Make sure to sign up for this webinar on the 26th of Jan.


Streamline Creative Proofing & Stakeholder Collaboration of Your Agency

Have a well-defined creative proofing and stakeholder collaboration process that facilitates better feedback and results in greater design quality.

Reserve seat now

Calling All Managers

Check out your project’s “year-in-review” in Reports. Share with your team to show them how much they’ve accomplished building, reviewing, and approving digital content in 2022!

You can generate a yearly report by selecting reports in the side menu and using the drop-down menu to select “Last Year”.

To download the report, select Download PDF in the top left corner.

Looking Ahead to 2023 📅

You’ll be working hard on new digital content throughout the year, and we’re here to help make that process as efficient and enjoyable as possible for you. As our user base is growing, so is our team! So, there will be another list of new features and resources in 2023 to make collaboration easy for everyone. We can’t wait to reveal some of them, so they’re already in the pipeline.

If you have any feedback and suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at support@zipboard.co or book a free call. We love to get your thoughts on what our road plan should be for 2023.

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