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Nathan Wong


Nathan Wong

Product Manager


Bhavya zipBoard's CEO & co-founder


Bhavya Aggarwal

CEO and Co-Founder


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About the webinar

The need to produce high-quality designs, on time has always been the biggest goal/pain for every design agency. Haphazard proofing and collaboration processes have a domino effect on the entire agency with late deliveries, missed opportunities, collaborator confusion, and loss of client trust. A robust online proofing tool will help you deal with every single one of these issues.

With higher competition in the market and consistency of the utmost importance today, you’re bound to face these issues:

  1. Important deadlines are being missed causing the agency to incur additional costs.
  2. Comments/Proofs not being submitted in one place.
  3. Creatives take too long to be approved with no clarity on who’s responsible for signing off.
  4. Sharing each PDF separately to collaborators and clients through email/docs/spreadsheets, etc. with no context to their feedback.

Whether you’re a project manager (creative director/operations manager) or a graphic designer, this webinar is unmissable for teams managing multiple designs at a time.

By the end of the session, you should have a well-defined creative proofing and collaboration process that facilitates better feedback and results in greater creative quality, substantially.


  • Agency-client (internal-external) reviews from a centralized online proofing tool.
  • Creative and design proofing with collaborative annotation features for designers and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Innovative features from design reviews to approval with customizable content phases to match your team’s workflow.
  • Working with large file sizes.
  • Getting contextual pin-point feedback with clarity on who’s responsible for signing off.

About the speaker:

Bhavya Aggarwal is the CEO and co-founder of zipBoard. In the last 15+ years, she has worked as a Product Developer, product consultant and content manager for some large enterprises and product companies. She has a proven track record of successfully managing complex product lifecycles and leading high-performance teams remotely.


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