submittal workflow automation
How to Automate Submittal Workflows to Streamline Reviews

Among the seven (7) stages in the architecture design process, the construction drawing phase takes the most time. Hence, it’s important to automate processes and ensure a smoother, error-free, and faster project delivery. This guide will show you how to automate your submittal workflow and streamline reviews and submittal management. Submittal Workflow Diagram Why Automate

risk management in architecture
Risk Management in Architecture: How to Mitigate Risks and Protect Your Firm

Architecture projects are prone to risks of different types and severities. These risks can come in the form of threats and opportunities. While you cannot eliminate risks, you can manage and mitigate them. That is where risk management in architecture comes in. In this article, we discuss the basics of risk management for architects in

enhance construction document control with tagging and filtering
Tagging & Filtering: 2 Sure Ways to Enhance Construction Document Control (Quick Guide for Architects)

Finding and managing files and information can be daunting when working on architecture projects – especially dealing with a growing volume of files and stakeholder feedback. Whether it’s navigating complex projects, pinpointing specific issues, or staying organized across multiple tasks and files, efficient categorization and retrieval systems are crucial for effective construction document control. That’s why

zipBoard video recording tool - new feature update
Introducing the All-New Video Recording Tool in zipBoard

Annotations are good! Screenshots are great! But video recordings? The greatest! You know when you annotate or take a screenshot during reviews, you need to add a comment alongside the annotations and the screenshots. While these are all well and good, and you still need them in some instances, the new video recording tool will

project management in architecture
Project Management in Architecture: A Complete Guide with Expert Insights

What are some best practices and tools  for project management in architecture? How do you streamline client collaboration and document management? Projects of all sizes have their complexities and challenges, how do you deal with them? How do you manage projects effectively to ensure they meet schedules and expectations? Covid is long gone, but how

construction document management for architects
Construction Document Management: A Quick Guide for Architects & Firms

Keeping track of numerous project documents, from initial sketches to final construction drawings is a key challenge for many architectural firms. Additionally, disorganized documents and fragmented workflows can lead to wasted time searching for files, frustration due to outdated information, and even costly rework. This guide dives deep into construction document management specifically for architects. The

document management
Streamline AEC Document Management and Collaboration with zipBoard

Efficient document management and collaboration are critical for project success. But many AEC teams struggle with time-consuming tasks like finding documents, sharing them securely, ensuring timely reviews and issue resolution, as well as tracking tasks. zipBoard helps AEC teams bridge these gaps by providing a centralized platform for document management, review, and markup. How

construction progress tracking - featured image
How Kanban-Based Workflow Visualizations Make Construction Progress Tracking Easier for AEC Project Teams

The complexity and scale of AEC projects necessitate tools that can streamline project management processes, ensuring efficient construction progress tracking, timely delivery and adherence to quality standards. It’s worth noting that solid decisions require solid data, so it’s not surprising that a recent Autodesk report revealed that 1/3 of poor choices in AEC projects stemmed

bug tracking in software testing
The Role of Automated Testing in Bug Tracking and Software Quality Assurance

In a world where it’s getting harder for a software product to get ahead of its rivals due to the insanely saturated market, impeccable software quality can become a crucial competitive advantage. Businesses use different ways to increase the efficiency of their testing process, from trying new, innovative techniques to working with international testing companies

architectural project management
7 Proven Strategies to Improve Architectural Project Management at Your Firm

Every architectural project manager shares a common goal: delivering high-quality projects efficiently and within budget. Is it achievable? Absolutely! However, achieving this hinges on continuously improving your architectural project management practices. We understand project management differs from industry to industry; and even in architecture, project management may look different from firm to firm or even


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