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Efficient document management and collaboration are critical for project success. But many AEC teams struggle with time-consuming tasks like finding documents, sharing them securely, ensuring timely reviews and issue resolution, as well as tracking tasks.

zipBoard helps AEC teams bridge these gaps by providing a centralized platform for document management, review, and markup.

How EO Increased Operational Efficiency by 80% with zipBoard

The Engineering Office (EO) provides architectural, engineering, and design services for large commercial projects in Dubai. EO manages approximately 60 construction projects of varying sizes simultaneously. As part of their core capability, EO’s in-house team and external consultants (if required) review construction-related technical submittals to ensure the design standards. On a yearly average, they handle 11,000 documents.

However, their existing document-handling process posed several challenges, including:

  • Circulation of physical copies.
  • Lengthy communication cycles, hampering document review.
  • Human-intensive processes with no real-time reporting.
  • Difficulty in tracking revisions and change logs.
  • Potential delays in reviewing documents within fixed SLAs.

So what did EO do?

They embraced innovation and digital collaboration – by integrating zipBoard into their DMS and SAP ERP system.

This integration improved their document management and collaboration, resulting in remarkable improvements:

  • EO’s efficiency in managing technical submittals skyrocketed, witnessing an impressive 80% increase.
  • Their compliance rates soared from 60% pre-integration to an impressive 95%, reducing the risk of project delays and penalties.
  • They achieved substantial cost savings and contributed to environmental sustainability by reducing paper usage by 80%.
  • EO experienced real-time tracking and automated reporting.
  • They streamlined their processes and workflows

zipBoard is a cloud-based document management and collaboration platform that enables AEC teams to review documents and track issues in a central hub – with all project parties.

How Can zipBoard Help You Achieve Similar Results like EO?

Enhanced Version Control and Document Management

The project dashboard and phases feature in zipBoard keeps everyone on the same page by meticulously tracking document versions based on project phases. This eliminates the risk of working with outdated files and costly mistakes.

construction progress tracking
Create customizable phases for your projects in zipBoard

Efficient Task and Issue Tracking

With zipBoard’s task manager offering Kanban and table views, prioritizing and assigning tasks becomes effortless. The visual interface provides clear ownership and accountability.

Task manager in zipBoard
best Autodesk Docs alternative
Track issues and tasks in Kanban and Table views

Improved Document Review and Markup

Gone are the days of file conversions and switching between applications for feedback. zipBoard offers built-in document markup and approval tools like highlighters, shapes, freehand drawing, screenshots, and recording. These allow for direct annotation of designs and documents within the platform itself.

Seamless Integrations

Using zipBoard enables you to connect your existing AEC tools like ERPs, cloud storage, and document management systems for a unified workflow. This ensures everything you need is readily accessible in a one-stop shop.

Automated Reporting

zipBoard generates comprehensive reports in minutes, saving you valuable time and effort. This automated reporting feature allows you to focus on what matters most – managing your projects and driving results.

autogenerated reports to optimize bug tracking during collaboration on deploy previews in zipBoard
Autogenerated and consolidated reports in zipBoard

Real-time Collaboration

zipBoard provides a centralized hub where your team can work together seamlessly on multiple projects and documents in one place – with all project parties. The project dashboard allows for easy organization by phase, mirroring your existing workflow and facilitating smooth collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors, and even clients.

streamline architectural design operations and document management
Collaborate with all project parties in zipBoard - right from your browser

Robust Security and Compliance

Your data is in safe hands. zipBoard uses Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for secure cloud hosting. Additionally, access controls ensure sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel through user-role based permissions. This focus on security also translates to improved compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for document reviews.

Increase Operational Efficiency by 80%. Complete Projects 50% Faster - with zipBoard

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