enhance construction document control with tagging and filtering

Finding and managing files and information can be daunting when working on architecture projects – especially dealing with a growing volume of files and stakeholder feedback. Whether it’s navigating complex projects, pinpointing specific issues, or staying organized across multiple tasks and files, efficient categorization and retrieval systems are crucial for effective construction document control.

That’s why zipBoard’s “Tags” and “Filters” features exist to ensure AEC teams easily find, manage, and collaborate on documents and other project files.

What Are Tags?

Think of tags like digital labels you can add to projects, tasks, and uploads in zipBoard. These labels help categorize information, making it easier to find what you need – quickly.

What’s the Essence of “Tagging”?

“Tagging” tasks and uploads in zipBoard enables you to:

  1. Create tags in real time and keep project files and communications organized
  2. Boost enterprise efficiency using pre-defined tag lists that offer consistency and streamline workflows.
  3. Find and resolve issues faster. Targeted tag searches lead you directly to the information you need – helping you save time.
  4. Conduct advanced filtering. Uncover specific insights through powerful tag-based searches.
  5. Use auto-suggestions to speed up your tagging process.
  6. Generate insightful reports. With the Enterprise plan, you can gain valuable data-driven insights from your tagged information.

How to Create & Edit Tags in zipBoard

To create a tag,

  1. Log in to your zipBoard account
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner
  3. Select “Manage Org”
  4. From the Menu bar on the left-hand side of your screen, click on “Tags” under Organisation
filtering and tagging - construction document control

Follow the steps below for specific use cases: Manage Org, Uploads, and Task Cards for Kanban.

Tagging in Manage Org

Once in the “Tags” dashboard, 

  1. Click on the green “+ Add” button in the top right corner of your screen
construction document control

2. Follow the prompts that follow and add your tags

These tags you create for your organization will be readily available in specific project files.

filtering and tagging in zipBoard

To edit tags, visit the same dashboard you added the tags, 

  1. Click on “Actions” by the tag you want to edit
  2. Select “Edit” from the drop-down menu
  3. If you want to delete the tag completely, choose the “Delete” option instead
construction document control

Tagging in Uploads

Once you log into your zipBoard account, 

  1. Select a project from the projects’ dashboard
adding tags in zipBoard

2. Click on “Uploads” under “Content” in the left-hand menu

3. On the file you want to tag, locate the 3 horizontal dots (…) at the far right of the file

4. In the drop-down menu that appears, select “Tags”

5. A dialogue box will appear and from there you can “Create a New Tag” or select from existing tags

Tagging in Task Cards for Kanban

To tag specific tags in your task list, 

  1. Head over to the “Task Lists” section under “Tasks” in the left menu
  2. Select the task for which you want to add tags.
  3. Click on the three-dot menu icon (…) associated with the task
  4. Choose the “Tags” option from the menu.
  5. Add or Edit your tags

With tagging and filtering in zipBoard, you can improve visual clarity and simplify identifying and managing tasks based on specific criteria – and this will enhance construction document control!

How to Easily Filter and Find Documents & Files in zipBoard

We understand AEC teams grapple with information overload, difficulty in prioritization, and inefficient collaboration. When tasks and documents are presented together without filters, it creates a cluttered view, leading to overwhelm.

That’s why zipBoard provides robust filtering options to streamline your workflows and enable easy identification of tasks and files. 

Now, filters are available in every dashboard in zipBoard – Projects, Uploads, and Tasks.

To filter files and tasks,

  1. Look for the “Filters” button at the top of your dashboard and click on it
  2. A dialogue box will open with all the filtering options
  3. Click on the filters relevant to you

And voila! You have a narrowed list of files or tasks to work with!


It’s worth noting that under the filtering options in zipBoard, you won’t find tags. Hence, you can’t filter by the tags you created. But here’s the catch:

Typing the name of a tag in the search box generates filtered data. How great!

Wrapping Up

Use tags and filters in zipBoard to improve construction document control, streamline workflows, find information faster, and increase productivity with these simple yet powerful organizational tools.

Author’s bio:

Dorcas Kpabitey is a Content Marketing Specialist at zipBoard. She began her content marketing journey alongside her BA in Political Science and Spanish at the University of Ghana. If she is not tapping away at her keyboard or spending time on Twitter and LinkedIn, she spends her day reading articles, newsletters and books.

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