Release Notes


1. Publicly launched the all-new zipBoard video recording tool! Try it today and streamline your review process with video recordings. Learn more and try it here.


1. Fixed issue with guest reviewer link. Now guest reviewers can can see the annotations they add using the guest reviewer link.

2. Added “Add Reply” option in the review board.


1. Resolved “Create Project” issue when a new user creates a zipBoard account. The “Create Project”, which was shown as “Refresh” in the center of the page, has been fixed.


1. Fixed issue concerning collaborators being able to create project reports and access existing ones, Now, collaborators will be unable to do any of these.


1. Fixed issue of collaborators (user roles) having the ability to delete other collaborators, super admins, and admins from projects.


1. Fixed issue on MP3 share link for guest reviewers. Now, when you share MP3 links to guest reviewers for review, they will be able to see the file. See the update in action here.

2. Update on adding statuses to projects. Earlier, you could only add new statuses at the org level, but now you can also add it at the project level. Click to see how.


1. Filters have now been added in the Explorer page in zipBoard. See the image below 👇 and try it here.

2. Issue with “Delete Files” has been resolved.

3. You can now add tags for tasks. See image below  👇


1. Projects not in use for over 6 months will get archived moving forward.

2. Newly added Statuses at the Project Level

A status feature has been added in the project dashboard but it’s currently not working. Kindly ignore it for now.

3. Fixed Welcome Video for New Accounts

Anytime you create a new account, you get a welcome video in the app. That hasn’t been showing for some time now, but we’ve fixed it so you get a walkthrough when you create a new user account.

3. Fixed Annotation issue in review for PDF/SCORM files

Users were unable to add annotations when reviewing PDF and SCORM files. We’ve fixed that now.

4. Fixed change issues in the Explorer page for the ‘Projects’ view

5. Fixed error in the Explorer page when creating projects.

6. A ‘Sort’ option has been added to the table view of projects

7. Added a new Tag option in the Upload page


1. Fixed issue in onboarding video modal

The word “video” now only appears once in the onboarding video modal

2. Fixed broken reply edits in production

You’ll no longer have issues with the PUT endpoint

3. Explorer has been ported to React

4. The notification system has successfully been improved

5. Updated Meteor

6. The Explorer page of the table view has successfully been ported to React

7. Fixed issue when switching project from the name on the top in tasks (for Kanban mode)



1. Fixed Video Review issue
Selecting any task from the right side taskbar would show you tasks on screen and it would navigate to the pointer where that task was added.


1. Fixed navigation issue in Kanban view on the task page 

The navigation has been fixed and you can now easily navigate when you change projects in Kanban view.

2. Fixed issue in Notifications

When you add a client to a project and the client receives a notification, the project name no longer shows as undefined.


1. Fixed broken Edit Replies in Live Annotations

You can now edit replies without any challenges

2. Updated Add Reply for Live Annotations

  • You can now review (add/edit/ delete) replies on all file types (PDF, videos, images, SCORM files) except URLs without an extension
  • You can also review (add/edit/delete) replies on all file types including URLs – without an extension, using widgets

3. Fixed bug issue for image files

You can now add annotations to image files with a Share Link

4. Fixed Search bug

You can now search file uploads using tags

5. Fixed issue in Tags
You can now add new tagsedit tags or delete them in the tags page

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1. Fixed issue in the stamp feature for PDF files

You can now seamlessly add new stamps to your projects.

Learn how.

2. Improved task search in Kanban view

You can now search for tasks with an ID in Kanban view on the Task page

3. Fixed incorrect email/notification issue

Users for SSO orgs will no longer be redirected to the wrong page.

4. Fixed the issue in the review board in slideshow mode

You can now see items in slideshow mode when you open tasks from the right-side taskbar.


1.  Introduced a new feature to tag users in live reviews.

2. Updated and improved notifications UI. Changes for a particular task are compiled and can now show up in one notification with options to explore with the arrow button.


1. Text Annotation – We have added a new text annotation feature for PDFs that allows users to add text directly to the PDF document that they are reviewing. There is a range of capabilities such as changing the font, size, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and highlight.

2. Comment Filtering While Reviewing – We have added a filtering function that allows users to filter out comments that were made by user who are either internal vs external to the org. Users can also filter out or in comment by specific users.

3. Long Name Fix –  Users with long names will no longer have their name distort the comment boxes that generate when an annotation is made. The name now cuts off instead of spilling over.

4. Stamp Annotation – the stamp annotations will now be generated when the stamp is selected, and the mouse is clicked. This replaces our old UX where stamps were generated one by one and dragged to their required destination.

5. Device Mode – Users can now drag the device mode window to expand or shrink it. They can also specify the exact pixel dimensions not too instead of working with pre-set sizes. 


1. Uploaded source maps to Montiapm.

2. Fixed exception after template destroyed.

3. Redirected short links to custom domain and fixed broken URL concatenation.

4. Fixed redirect URL.

5. Fixed build issue.

6. Introduced new multi collaborators UI.

7. Introduced new notifications UI.

8. Fixed user-requested bulk edit issue.

9. Fixed collaborators GET endpoint and refactoring.

10. Fixed navigation to manage org, edit profile, and manage integrations by fixing the autorun subscription issue.


1. Implemented multiple performance improvements for the app and some fixes. 

2. Fixed task modal not rendering intermittently after clicking on a task in the notifications drop-down. 

3. Fixed task modal being shown repeatedly on switching between Kanban/table.

4. Improvements for share link email. Email now includes role, permission and whether they need a login or not.

5. Fixed replies not being added correctly to reviewboard.

6. Added warning prompt when users added same content twice.

7. Fix for file limit exceeded issue when uploading files from Kanban.

8. Fixed lag when clicking the  “Add File” button on the uploads page and the dropdown toggling.


1. Default phase migration and related changes. Removed empty default phase (-) and moved over to having a default phase named “uncategorized”. It is a follow-up to the release of the new Kanban UI for content. All new projects now have this phase created by default. All files and tasks in existing projects which do not belong in a phase are now migrated over the “uncategorized” default phase.

2. Performance enhancements: Miscellaneous enhancements were made to improve the performance of the app


1. Fixed for comment text area sizing. The text area was being resized on every keypress. There was also an issue with resizing space.

2. Duplicate tag names being shown in tags search as tasks. This appears to arise from a prior bug which caused two entries of the same tag to be created. Temporary patch only for the UI. 

3. The file model is now launched right after the files finishes uploading. Previously, there was a modal with “start review” on it.

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” Implementing zipBoard into our development process has taken the team from using antiquated manual processes to an easy to use, globally accessible, online process. The application is flexible in how projects are set up and managed. zipBoards environment allows multiple projects to be set up and managed uniquely; where other tools force a specific method for everything. “

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