Streamlining Your Workflow with Jira One Pager

Are You Just Finding or Fixing Bugs?

zipBoard-Jira Integration - streamline your workflows

Integrate zipBoard and Jira to Make the Most of Automation

When the majority of your team’s time goes into finding the most up-to-date document, issues, and checklists – they waste time and lose money. zipBoard helps streamline your workflows, and integrating with Jira is a huge plus.

zipBoard and Jira integrate seamlessly within your existing workflows to give your developers and external stakeholders a flexible, focused review environment to streamline your operations and get your team more productive.

Learn how zipBoard and Jira can help your team

  • Move from content reviews to development tasks easily
  • Automate the manual processes that are costing time and money
  • Focus on fixing issues, instead of spending long hours finding them
  • ‍Collaborate with external stakeholders in one place

Get ready to cut up to 30% production time by integrating Jira with zipBoard. Download the one pager to learn more!


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