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Why zipBoard?

Get every stakeholder to share their feedback quickly through annotated screenshots and online videos with zipBoard.

1. Share feedback using visual tools

Now you can gather feedback from clients, without them having to leave the content that they are reviewing. Clients explain better with screen casting and visual annotation tools to highlight issues. Save time and costs by gathering feedback directly on your uploaded content or websites.

2. Reproduce issues quickly

Developers can reproduce bugs quickly based on the contextual feedback shared by stakeholders and automatic environment details tracking including browser, OS, resolution.

3. Secure, centralized platform

Rather than using separate design tools and bug tracking tools to manage feedback on different parts of the project lifecycle, use zipBoard to manage reviews on the entire media in the project including, images, mocks, videos, websites, e-learning courses.

4. Manage and filter bugs easily

Manage internal and external reviews separately and filter through bugs easily. Quickly assign, prioritize, tag issues to integrate with the internal workflow. Download into a spreadsheet to run detailed insights.

5. Capture feedback quickly

Get a more contextual view of the feedback using videos and images. Quickly organize and respond to feedback to keep the conversation going.

zipBoard’s integrated visual reviews and bug tracking product helps keep the internal team, external stakeholders, vendors all at the same page while developing content. Gather quick feedback using shareable links which enable visual reviews for screenshots, screencasts, annotations from anywhere. One place to manage reviews, bug tracking for all kinds of digital content – PDF documents, videos, images, websites, courses, HTML.

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