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We only share informative and meaningful content on our blog.

“Share a post that will be informative and valuable for our readers..”

zipBoard blog is full of quality and informative articles and we want to keep it that way. The majority of our readers/subscribers are industry leaders from eLearning, web development, project management industry, B2B marketing agency owners, startup founders, and SaaS product founders and managers.

We want to cater to something that will add value to the work that these people are already doing.

Here is a quick and short guideline of what we expect from you if you plan to
contribute an article to zipBoard Blog.

  1. You already have some work published on your company site or partner site.
  2. You have atleast above-average knowledge about the topic/industry that you are willing to write for. 
  3. You are good at research and summarizing your findings.

Follow these guidelines when writing a guest post article for us.

  1. Only original, unpublished work. Please don’t submit articles already published on your blog or elsewhere. We do check – and if it’s not original, it will not be accepted.
  2. Be relevant and insightful. Take a look at past posts on the zipBoard blog and see how you can contribute something fresh, relevant, and trending.
  3. Fluent, readable, and error-free. Give your article proper structure with eye-catching headings and subheadings.
  4. Content must be written in high-level, error-free, and fluent English. 
  5. Don’t get all ‘commercial’ on us. Please don’t include promotional content or links to your product or service. We might still allow one link if the article is really well written.
  6. Give facts, examples, and practical tips that can help the readers. Back up your claims with source links.
  7. The article should be atleast 1000 words
  8. The author bio is optional

We diligently take a lot of effort to keep our blog and website high quality, you can check our past work here to get an idea of the quality we want to maintain on our site​


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